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A Journey Into Paradise

What No One Tells You About Living in Playa del Carmen

13 June, 2017

What No One Tells You About Living in Playa del Carmen

By now you’ve probably heard of Playa del Carmen, even if you haven’t visited yet. Situated just 45 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport, Playa (as locals and repeat visitors often call it) is one of the most-visited towns in the Caribbean, offering a chic international vibe and laid-back attitude that Mexico’s Riviera Maya has become famous for worldwide.

Playa del Carmen Expats

This unique combination, along with the region’s breathtaking natural beauty, cosmopolitan atmosphere, affordable real estate, safety and close proximity to a number of stunning ancient Mayan ruins, has made Playa del Carmen one of the most attractive beach towns for expats of all ages and backgrounds. This includes those who buy a home and live in it full time, as well as those who have invested in a turnkey vacation home rental and return regularly to enjoy vacations, but also collect ongoing income – which can be as high as 8-14%!

“This town is easy and affordable to get to and it has become genuinely international – lots of digital nomads have figured this out and are making Playa del Carmen their base,” wrote Coastal Living, which recently named Playa del Carmen among the “20 Best Places to Live on the Coast” in 2017.

Living in Playa del Carmen – Real Estate, Infrastructure & Cost

To select the winners, Coastal Living considered everything from the lifestyle, to urban and community infrastructure, design, ease of transition, cost and quality of real estate, location and the overall quality of the destination. This is just the latest in a long list of accolades, which includes a designation from TripAdvisor in April of this year that named Playa del Carmen #1 in Mexico for Tourism.

What No One Tells You About Living in Playa del Carmen

“With Cancun just 45-60 minutes north, there’s access to good hospitals and “American” amenities one might long for in more far-flung locations,” wrote Coastal Living.

The entire Riviera Maya region has been a focal point for investment by the Mexican government and developers for decades, starting with Cancun in the 1970s and growing down the coast, so the entire region is efficiently linked by Highway 307 – a well-maintained route that parallels the Caribbean coast.

“The feel here is First World, with services infrastructure and amenities to match,” wrote International Living. “On the outskirts of town, near the highway, you find Home Depot and Sam’s Club, as well as large shopping malls and big box stores, full of brands and products you know from the U.S.” 

This makes the transition to life in Playa del Carmen – whether you are here for a week, a month or a year – so much easier than it would be in other beach towns, and is a huge driver of the region’s booming popularity. Of course, the beaches here are pretty mind blowing, too.

“The beaches along this stretch of coast are gorgeous – from Playa del Carmen to Tulum,” wrote Coastal Living.

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What No One Tells You About Living in Playa del Carmen

Finding the Best Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale

Whether you are looking for standalone homes or villas, luxury condos for sale, turnkey vacation home rentals, raw land or some other type of real estate, it is essential to work with the best realtors in Playa del Carmen if you want to maximize the return on investment and enjoy a "No Worries No Hassles Ownership". This is especially true if you are looking for a profitable, well-managed vacation home rental in Playa del Carmen that will provide your own family with many years of enjoyment while also serving as a lucrative investment property.

At first glance buying a house in Mexico might seem like a daunting task, but in reality, since Playa del Carmen is in the midst of a building boom there’s plenty of amazing real estate on the market to choose from. Just make certain you are clear on your goals, expectations and budget before investing in real estate – in Mexico or anywhere else, for that matter! 

Have you ever thought about buying property abroad? Share your thought and questions in the comments section below!

Would you like to know more about why Playa del Carmen is the ideal location for anyone who has ever dreamed of living near the beach? Click here to discover even more reasons why Playa del Carmen is a great place to live – whether you decide to stay year-round, or buy a vacation home and visit regularly.

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