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Tulum Spa Day Offers Luxurious Mayan Clay Massage Experience

12 March, 2019

Tulum Spa Day Offers Luxurious Mayan Clay Massage Experience

Experience a relaxing Tulum spa day immersed in the lush tropical jungle of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, featuring mineral-rich Mayan clay and targeted massage techniques to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the soul. Designed to energize, hydrate and purify the skin, this Tulum spa resort incorporates healing Mayan clay, which has been used in bathing rituals since ancient times.

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Offered as one of the carefully-curated “Experiences” through KASA Hotel Parota Tulum, this Mayan clay spa day is truly in a class by itself and feels more like a mini retreat than just another afternoon spent at a wellness center. Every aspect of the interactive Mayan spa experience is designed to pamper participants and promote the ultimate in relaxation through the curative powers of golden clay. 

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With two locations including one near the beach road and another just off the beaten path a few minutes outside of downtown Tulum (centro), the Mayan Clay Spa and bathhouse experience will leave you feeling energized and deeply connected with the pristine Mexican Caribbean jungle habitat


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Tulum Spa Resort: Mayan Clay Spa

The clay itself is a natural product sourced locally in Tulum that yields fantastic results by detoxifying, mineralizing and regenerating skin cells, while the highly skilled massage therapists will have you melting into the table. Although guests can choose between 60-minute, 90-minute, two-hour and three-hour treatments, we always recommend booking the full experience if time and budget allows. 

All four of the sessions include a full body massage and reenergizing Mayan clay mask, but the more extensive options also incorporate hot and cold therapies, full-body exfoliation, a special Tulum spa facial and hair treatment, with a number of other optional add-ons also available. Soaking in the natural healing waters and sloughing off your dead, tired skin cells will stimulate renewal, smoothing away tiny wrinkles, improving skin tone and clarity, hydrating and eliminating acne to reveal a softer, smoother glowing complexion. 

Tulum Spa Resort: Mayan Clay Spa

Used by the ancient Maya for centuries, the real benefits of Mayan clay spa are numerous and are believed to extend beyond mere surface beautification. According to local lore, the Mayan clay found in Tulum has also been used to alleviate symptoms of migraine and depression, simply by applying a thick layer over the spine and back of the neck, which allows minerals to be absorbed by the central nervous system and removes toxins from the body. The Mayan clay is believed to have positive electromagnetic energy, acting like a natural magnet to eliminate the buildup of toxins while transferring positive electrons, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc into the body. 

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