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Tulum Leads New Eco-Initiative with Corona Beer in Mexico

13 December, 2018

Tulum Leads New Eco-Initiative with Corona Beer in Mexico

Major Mexican beer producer Grupo Modelo has announced a pilot program to switch out plastic rings on their six packs of Corona beer in favor of a fibrous, eco-friendly cardboard, starting in Tulum. The move is part of a bid to help eliminate the use of plastic in Mexico by gradually reducing the use of plastics in the manufacturing process.

The Riviera Maya News reports that the sustainably-focused pilot program will begin in January of 2019 in Tulum, as part of a coordinated effort with Parley for the Oceans, an organization dedicated to addressing major threats toward our oceans, which are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

“We look for solutions that have a big impact in the industry, like changing the rings”, revealed Clarissa Pantoja, who serves as Director of Corona beer in Mexico. “This can become a new standard to reduce the use of plastic”.

Grupo Modelo Hopes to Eventually Completely Eliminate the use of Plastics in All of its Products

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Pantoja added that Grupo Modelo hopes to eventually completely eliminate the use of plastics in all of its products. The new fibrous cardboard rings are made of plant material and are 100 percent free of all types of plastic. Upon coming into contact with water, the rings decompose into an organic matter that’s safe for wildlife and has a maximum lifespan of around 200 days, which means it degrades much faster than any other material that has been used by beermakers worldwide.

“This process of change begins with Grupo Modelo’s largest brand, Corona beer”, stated Pantoja. “Tulum was selected because of the global impact the beach has”.

Corona will be the first beer brand in the world to use this type of eco-friendly packaging. The brewery worked with a variety of experts from other countries to develop the material, then adjusted its machinery and production process to accommodate the sustainable new cardboard rings.

Corona will be the First Beer Brand in the World to Use this Type of Eco-Friendly Packaging

“2019 will be a key year for us”, concluded Pantoja. “Soon, we will be ready to apply this eco-friendly packaging solution to the rest of our factories in Mexico and other countries”.

The idyllic, eco-chic Tulum lifestyle is known for offering a wide variety of sustainable tourism initiatives, and this has remained a cornerstone of the area’s growth as visitor numbers continue to rise each year in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. In fact, the Mexican government recently named Tulum as the country’s first sustainable tourism development zone in an effort to assist this growing vacation destination with carrying out exciting new ecotourism initiatives.

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