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The Truth About the U.S. and Mexico

02 February, 2017


Much of the recent political rhetoric coming out of the U.S. since the rise of President Donald Trump has shed a negative light on Mexico, despite the long history of close partnership between the two neighboring countries. The truth is, Mexico is the most important country in the world for the United States and is not just a place full of cacti, tequila and sombreros… Although the tequila is superb!

Way too many Americans believe things about Mexico that just aren’t true. For example, travel in Mexico is actually safer in many places than it is in a growing list of U.S. cities, while most of the country’s 2 million square kilometers and major cities are safer than their counterparts around the world. Mexico is also one of the world’s best places to retire abroad, thanks to the low cost of living, high-quality medical care and overall quality of life.



Not surprisingly, the relationship between Mexico and the United States is actually nothing like certain politicians would have you believe. For one thing, Mexico is NOT a weak partner to the U.S. There are more than 120 million people in Mexico and the economy is not only the 11th largest in the world, but is currently 2/3 the size of Russia’s and projected to outpace Brazil to become the number one economy in Latin America.

It’s also important to note that Mexico is always ready to stand next to the United States against a growing list of worldwide enemies. For example, it is nearly impossible to get a Visa to enter Mexico if you are a traveler from a country that is hostile to the United States, which is just one reason our shared border is already safe, with 350 million border crossings through 330 ports of entry. In short, American homeland security and prosperity directly depend on a stable and cooperative Mexico and Mexico is not a friend the United States really wants to lose.

Mexico is one of the most important business partners the United States has. For example, at least 14 million American jobs directly depend on NAFTA. And as for the long list of Mexican imports that protectionists love to hate, a full .40 cents of every dollar you buy from Mexico is American content. To put that in perspective, the figure for China is just four pennies!


Mexico also helps America stay competitive on the world market, because the two countries make many goods together. So the next time you see a crowd chanting “Mexico!” at a political rally (not in a good way), or talking about building a nearly impossible wall along the border (come on – really?), just remember that Ronald Reagan himself already proved that walls are un-American.

What America really needs is the strength of Mexico’s economy and institutions. There are already more than one million fewer Mexican immigrants in the United States than there were just three years ago, so the idea that countless undocumented people are constantly flooding the border into the U. S. is just preposterous. 

Finally, there are currently around 35 million Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the U.S., which is equivalent to the entire population of Canada! Out of those, around 80 percent of them are either legal residents or American citizens, NOT undocumented immigrants. Bottom line? We’ve got much more to lose than we do to gain by putting up walls – both literally and figuratively – between the U.S. and Mexico.

So come on and see it for yourself, discover paradise on us, let’s have a Corona, a margarita or some high-quality tequila and continue to prosper together…. We definitely can’t do it apart. 

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