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Street Art Project Transforms Downtown Playa del Carmen Real Estate

20 July, 2017

Street Art Project Transforms Downtown Playa del Carmen Real Estate

Select locations of downtown Playa del Carmen real estate is being transformed by the Calles Corazón street art project, which translates to mean “Streets of Heart” and aims to change the city’s urban landscape through the power of artistic expression.  

“Urban art on our streets reflects a cohesive society with a common purpose: to express the feelings of our community, demonstrating that we are active citizens, bringing life to our streets,” shared Verónica Dupré, who is in charge of the project in downtown Playa del Carmen. “The purpose of this project is to revitalize the streets with the support of the private sector, the government and citizens.”

Organizers of the Calles Corazón street art project in Playa also hope it will become a model for cities throughout Mexico as a new way to revitalize different parts of the country. 

Street Art Project Transforms Downtown Playa del Carmen Real Estate

“Urban art paintings allow a new way to view our environment between space and social life,” project organizer Fernanda Casarín told the Yucatan Times. “Through art we can tell a story and generate hundreds of emotions for those who have just arrived at the destination, the one who is only passing through, or who lives here.”

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The Calles Corazón street art project will take place a on streets 4 and 2, which are viewed as the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen. Mexican artists Gonzalo Areuz, La News, Paola Delfin, Oliver Tormenta from Mexico City, Dherzu from Cancun, Bolla Hiriat from Michoacán, Saúl Torbe from Querétaro, and a number of others will be on hand for the festival to breathe new life and color into select real estate in Playa del Carmen.

“Regardless of whether they are streets that seem to be forgotten, we are going to recover them and generate with them a sense of belonging” Casarín shared.

Street Art Project Transforms Downtown Playa del Carmen Real Estate

Over the last few decades, Playa del Carmen has evolved from a small fishing village into a multicultural city with distinct international, Mexican and Mayan flavors. Situated just south of the Cancun International Airport, the city has a lively, international feel, with beautiful white sand beaches, clear turquoise Caribbean waters and plenty of world-class dining and shopping destinations. 

“Calles Corazón is a project led by young entrepreneurs united in a social and artisanal project based on the restoration of the streets of Playa del Carmen through art and culture, where the community, business sector and local government join forces to improve the quality of life through the creation of new pedestrian routes.”  shared Fernanda Casarín

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