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Riviera Maya Mexico Named World’s Best Diving Destination

23 February, 2019

Riviera Maya Mexico Named World’s Best Diving Destination

No discussion about the best dives in the world would be complete without mentioning Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea are warm and teeming with life all year round, offering an impressive array of activities and opportunities for exploration that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Considering all this, perhaps it’s no surprise that Scuba Diving magazine voted the Riviera Maya region of Mexico the world’s best scuba diving destination in the world for 2019, naming the best sites and attractions in Cozumel, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen and nearby Isla Mujeres. 

The Riviera Maya is Home of the World’s Second Largest Barrier Reef

“We have a strategic location with good weather, ocean, fresh water, jungle, beaches and enviable natural resources that have allowed us to continue distinguishing ourselves as the favorite destination of Mexico and the Caribbean”, stated Quintana Roo state Governor Carlos Joaquin.

Best Places to Dive in the World

This year, votes were cast by more than 5,000 participants to select the winners, including magazine readers and scuba diving enthusiasts from around the world. The Riviera Maya was voted the world’s best overall dive destination for its stunning freshwater cenotes and many incredible opportunities for underwater photography, marking the region’s second year of receiving top honors in so many categories. 

Mexico’s Riviera Maya Dominated this Year’s List of the World’s Best Diving Destinations

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From swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres and bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, to exploring the underwater C-53, Palancar Reef, Devil’s Throat, Barracuda Reef, the Santa Rosa Wall and Columbia Deep off the coast of Cozumel island, to diving the Chac Mool cenote in Puerto Aventuras and the Dos Ojos, El Gran and Angelita cenotes in Tulum, Mexico’s Riviera Maya dominated this year’s list of the world’s best diving destinations. 

Best Places to Dive in the World

Regarding the best tour operators in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, global divers recommended Dive with Martin, Dive Paradise, Scuba Club, Pro Dive International and Aldora Divers in Cozumel. In addition, Palancar reef in Cozumel was named among the world’s Best Night Dives and the island also received recognition for its large population of eagle rays, earning it a spot as one of the world’s Best Animal Encounters for divers. 

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