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New Details Released About Riviera Maya Bullet Train Project

29 January, 2019

New Details Released About Riviera Maya Bullet Train Project

As cost analysis begins in downtown Playa del Carmen for the new bullet train in Cancun that will connect Riviera Maya tourism attractions with other hotspots on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, new details about the Maya train project emerged at the Madrid Tourism Fair earlier this month.

“The Riviera Maya Train will be modern, with speeds of 150-160 kph (93-99 mph)”, revealed Mexican Secretariat of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués. “We have made a presentation in a virtual reality room so others can see the progress".

Bullet Train in Cancun

Bullet Train in Cancun 

The high-speed Mayan Train project is supported by president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO), who plans to make it easier than ever for visitors in Cancun and Playa del Carmen to explore the Riviera Maya and southern parts of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With plans to connect the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Chiapas, the Yucatan bullet train will allow easier access to ancient Mayan archaeological sites and picturesque colonial cities like Valladolid, which offer a wide range of experiences for tourists. 

“The train will be outfitted with a large dining room, lounge and panoramic viewing cars”, shared Torruco Marqués. 

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Riviera Maya Train Route 

According to current plans, the bullet train in Cancun will serve as the starting point for the line, since this thriving international vacation destination attracts millions of visitors every year, and will reach as far south as Bacalar and Palenque. The whole point of the Riviera Maya Train project is to get people to venture off the beaten path and share some of Mexico’s hidden gems, which have much to offer in terms of archaeology and natural beauty. 

Riviera Maya Train Route

“The train will depart from the Cancun International Airport and go through Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar, Campeche, Calakmul, Escárcega, Palenque, Ciudad de Campeche, Mérida, Chichen Itzá and Valladolid”, Torruco Marqués added. “In the dining room, the train will serve regional food”.

Finally, the Maya Train project will not only cater to tourists, but instead will also provide cargo transport and will help carry both regional and local employees to work. The first stretch of the Cancun train, which will stretch between the airport and Tulum, is set to be completed within the next year or two, with the southern stretch remaining part of a six-year plan. In total, the massive infrastructure project is estimated to cost upwards of $5.2 billion USD and will encompass more than 1,500 kilometers.

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