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A Journey Into Paradise

‘Mexico From Above’ Features Enchanting Aerial Video of Tulum Jungle

18 May, 2019

‘Mexico From Above’ Features Enchanting Aerial Video of Tulum Jungle

Sometimes we all need a moment to recharge and this mesmerizing aerial video of the Tulum jungle by architect and photographer Dimitar Karanikolov is a great way to refresh your spirit and soak up the ancient energy of Mexico’s magical Riviera Maya region! This ultra soothing must-see video of Tulum is part of a larger series titled Mexico From Above, which shows a unique take on some of the country’s most interesting destinations and out of the way gems that are sure to delight the latent traveler in all of us. 

Mexico is such a beautiful country, from its inland deserts and mountain ranges, to the lush tropical jungle and white sand Caribbean beaches of the Riviera Maya region on the Yucatan Peninsula, there is so much to discover. In his work, Karanikolov explores themes of natural beauty, local culture and traditional cuisine that will delight even the most seasoned travelers, showing us a relaxed and easy view of Mexico that includes a gentleman riding his bicycle through the surf just south of Tulum, a catamaran floating in the clear blue waters of a pristine lagoon and a wide variety of the most stunning landscapes you will find anywhere in the world.

In His Work, Karanikolov Explores Themes of Natural Beauty and Local Culture

Perhaps best of all, many of the locations captured in this series of photographs are easy to reach if you’re staying in the Riviera Maya, including the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and the lagoon at Bacalar, which are both around two hours away from Tulum, and Rio Lagartos, which lies less than three hours north of Tulum and less than two hours away from Cancun. An overnight or two at Isla Holbox is also easy to accommodate, located just over three hours from downtown Playa del Carmen. 

‘Mexico From Above’ Features Enchanting Aerial Video of Tulum Jungle

Why Tulum? 

Take one look at the video that initially inspired this blog post and it’s easy to see why Karanikolov selected the lush tropical jungle of Tulum as the subject for his video masterpiece, which both uplifts and calms the senses with its timeless dance. Home to the best beaches in the world, the jungles of Mexico’s Riviera Maya that surround Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen and Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coast often play second fiddle to the soft, glittering white sand and warm, sparkling turquoise waters, but as this video proves, the jungle is no less spectacular. Forest therapy, indeed! 

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