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International Living Names Mexico Among Top Places to Retire

19 January, 2019

International Living Names Mexico Among Top Places to Retire

Just in case you haven’t already seen the memo, Mexico is one of the world’s best places to retire abroad according to International Living. Ranked number three on this year’s list of the top 10 places to retire abroad, property in Mexico is still very affordable and the weather is fantastic. All of the top tourist and expat destinations are also very safe, and it’s easy to get by in most places with just speaking English.

“[International Living] estimates that a retired couple can live comfortably [in Mexico] on about $3,000 USD a month – and still enjoy dinners out and entertainment”, wrote CNBC. “Healthcare is affordable, with office visits running from $30 USD to $43 USD”. 

According to International Living, Mexico also received high scores for its many “benefits and discounts”, as well as the “dining and amenities” category. And although weather does vary greatly by region (Mexico is a large and incredibly diverse country), there are not many extreme temps to worry about. In the north, it’s a bit cooler during winter months but snow falls only on the highest peaks, while temperatures stay about the same throughout the year in the south. 

House Prices in Mexico

House Prices in Mexico 

As we’ve already mentioned, the cost of living – and house prices in Mexico – are notoriously low compared to other similar beach destinations around the world. There are also a wide variety of professionally-managed, turnkey new condos for sale in Mexico that are designed to function as a vacation home and income producing property that are also approved for purchase with your IRA account.

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Life’s a Beach for the Playa del Carmen Expat Community

Not only is there an abundance of cheap property in Mexico that's close to the best beaches in the world, but there are so many beautiful homes in Mexico situated just a few minutes from the Mexican Caribbean Sea, offering incredible value for buyers. And although you’ll find Americans, Canadians and Europeans scattered throughout the country, International Living recommends the Riviera Maya.  

The Riviera Maya Region Spans More Than 80 miles of White-sand Coast

“Playa del Carmen, in particular, is on a tear – attracting lots of digital nomads and part-time snowbirds”, International Living executive editor Jennifer Stevens told Forbes. “Inland, you can’t beat the colonial cities like San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato”. 

The magical Riviera Maya region spans more than 80 miles of white-sand coast that stretches south from the lively city of Cancun to encompass cosmopolitan downtown Playa del Carmen; the gated beach, marina and golf community of Puerto Aventuras; and the ancient, eco-chic town of Tulum. In all of these incredible communities, retirees are snapping up units in new turnkey condo-hotels that come fully equipped and move-in ready, with all the amenities of a big-box resort in a more laid-back, intimate environment. 

Do you have questions about living in Mexico full or part time? Share them in the comments! 

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