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A Journey Into Paradise

Green School Tulum: Learning in Harmony with the Environment

25 January, 2020

Green School Tulum: Learning in Harmony with the Environment

Modeled after the original Green School in Bali, the famed institution’s newest location in Tulum is set to open in September of 2021, providing a progressive learning experience that is designed to ignite the natural curiosity of children and create communities that blend a love of wilderness with comfort and sustainability. Described as a “school without walls”,  the Green School in Tulum will encourage innovation and creativity, with a commitment to “educating for sustainability in a natural environment through our purpose-driven communication",

What is Green School International?

What is Green School International?

Conceptualized by environmental activist John Hardy and his wife Cynthia in 2008, the original Green School in Bali opened with just 90 students in the Indonesian jungle. The entire premises is almost entirely constructed from bamboo, which is an environmentally-friendly building material, and even has a room dedicated to yoga classes. The overarching design concept for the school was to create learning spaces without walls built using materials that are both beautiful and sustainable.

The Green School in Bali provides extraordinary opportunities for both local and international students, with no plastic bags to be found anywhere on campus and a carbon negative footprint, the school generates both solar and hydro electricity on site. Students also learn how to recycle, care for a garden, cook and take care of animals. Today, the original Green School has more than 400 students who learn holistic wisdom in four areas: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Expressive. In 2020, the second Green School will open in New Zealand, and afterwards Hardy plans to embark on a new project in Tulum.



The new Green School in Tulum will be open to kids who live in the area and also students from different countries, who will all learn a variety of different skills in harmony with the environment. Much like the original Green School in Bali, the facility will be constructed from a variety of sustainable, locally-sourced materials, including bamboo - a plant Hardy says is essential for creating sustainable open-air spaces. The school will also incorporate a variety of permaculture principles into its operation and design, serving as an extraordinary milestone for the local community and an inspiration for other schools, both in Mexico and abroad!

The New Green School in Tulum Will Be Open to kids Who Live in the Area and Also Students from Different Countries

“We educate for sustainability, through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a wall-less, natural environment”, wrote the Green School on its website. “Our holistic, student-guided approach inspires and empowers us to be change makers”.

The Green School Tulum will initially open as a private, bi-lingual school for children ages 1-6 (Kindergarten) and grades 1-7, but will soon grow to become a K-12 school. The facility plans to open with 120 students, with rapid yearly growth expected, to reach an expected student body of 700 students by 2025.

Green School International is dedicated to educating for sustainability, imparting a world-class education in an entrepreneurial-based learning environment. The schools are also characterized by innovative buildings designed by some of the world’s most pre-eminent architectural firms. In Tulum, the school will be surrounded by the lush jungle near the ancient Mayan ruins and pristine white-sand beach, with easy access to the exclusive residential community of Aldea Zamá

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