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Fast Food Giant Burger King Opens in Tulum

29 November, 2018

Fast Food Giant Burger King Opens in Tulum

For many, Tulum is a food lover’s delight. From the annual food and wine festival, to delicious vegan restaurants and hundreds of excellent choices in the Hotel Zone overlooking some of the best beaches in the world, as well as in downtown (centro), where there are many other incredible places to eat. The allure of Tulum is healthy living; from spa treatments and yoga to simply being more physically active on a regular basis. So, you can probably imagine that there was a collective gasp of shock when people learned that multi-national fast food chain Burger King has opened for business in Tulum!

Yes, Burger King is Open in Tulum! 

In fact, Burger King is the first of any large, fast food chains to open in Tulum. Operating out of a food truck on the Federal Highway just before the first set of traffic lights, they have an open-air restaurant area under a canopy of trees that offers all the standard Burger King fare, including the famous Whopper. 

Multi-National Fast Food Chain Burger King has Opened for Business in Tulum

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Typically, visitors and locals alike prefer restaurants that are unique, reflecting the Tulum lifestyle and bohemian nature of one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations. Interestingly, the designers of the new Tulum Burger King seem to have done their very best to make this location different from standard fast food restaurants by offering picturesque outdoor seating. Also, other than a sign, the restaurant is invisible from the street, so they really tried to make the new Burger King fit in with the standard lowkey Tulum vibe. 

The restaurant is Invisible From the Street, so they Really Tried to Fit in with the Standard Lowkey Tulum Vibe

I’m sure some people will feel as though the arrival of Burger King will open the floodgates for all the other multi-national corporations to appear and take over the local “fast food” market. But keep in mind that in Tulum, much like anywhere else in Mexico, most people who want “fast food” are still going to prefer fresh tacos, burritos and quesadillas to a Whopper or a Big Mac! 

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