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Experience a Soliman Bay Snorkeling Tour Near Tulum, Mexico

01 January, 2019

Experience a Soliman Bay Snorkeling Tour Near Tulum, Mexico

A Soliman Bay snorkeling tour will bring you up close and personal with everything Mexico’s Riviera Maya is known for – clear turquoise waters, the best beaches in the world and delicious fresh food, served daily at Chamico’s restaurant. Situated just north of downtown Tulum (centro), Soliman Bay is also home to a variety of picturesque villas, cabanas and bungalows dotting the shoreline, but much of the real action is under water, where you can snorkel along the world’s second largest barrier reef just offshore.

Soliman Bay’s Location is One of Very Few Places You Can Go in the Riviera Maya

“Soliman Bay’s location is one of very few places you can go in the Riviera Maya and feel as if you were on a deserted beach, yet still have access to the area’s main attractions, plus off-the-radar restaurants like Chamico’s” wrote the Huffington Post. “Locals say this area is what Tulum used to be like years ago”.

Discover Soliman Bay in Mexico

Protected from the waves of the Mexican Caribbean Sea by the Great Mesoamerican coral reef,  the calm waters of Soliman Bay are ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. The beach is also great for families with young children, boasting fine, white sand and very few rocks, but there is also turtle grass growing along the shoreline in some parts of the bay, so water shoes are recommended. Soliman Bay snorkeling tours can enter the warm, clear water at a variety of sandy entrance points along the beach, surrounded by swaying palm trees and singing birds, with pelicans diving for fish in the water. 

Discover Soliman Bay in Mexico

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The waters of Soliman Bay are a lively place, teeming with puffer fish, needle fish and flounders, as well as squid, sea turtles and stingrays. You’ll also likely spot the anemone, brain coral and urchins that populate the colorful reef. Back on shore, locals and visitors alike can usually be seen enjoying the view and doing a little bird watching, along with a wide variety of other similar hammock-based activities! 

Many couples and families choose to enjoy snorkeling in Soliman Bay because it offers the sense of a quiet retreat but is actually right on the edge of all the action in Tulum. This is the perfect playground to dive, swim, snorkel and kayak the day away. The bay here is shallow, ranging from three to ten feet in depth, so look for darker spots in the clear blue water – these are likely coral heads that will be swarming with fish, or grass that you might be able to see providing a meal for various sea creatures.

Soliman Bay Snorkeling Provides a Great Way for Kids to Become Comfortable Snorkeling

Definitely one of the Riviera Maya’s best hidden beaches, Soliman Bay snorkeling provides a great way for kids to become comfortable snorkeling and seeing lots of fish. The calm waters of the bay are safe enough to explore on your own provided you stay insider the buoys, but working with one of the many experienced local tour providers will always enhance the entire experience – and help ensure that everyone remains safe.

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