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A Journey Into Paradise

Embracing Luxury in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

11 March, 2017


One of the reasons millions of people prefer to visit the Riviera Maya is the region’s eclectic vibe and diverse atmosphere. Although this often goes unnoticed on the surface, it’s an ever-present, almost subconscious feeling that comes forth in the people who visit the Riviera Maya for the first time, as well as those who return for the second, third… Or the tenth time!

There is so much we could label as “eclectic” in the Riviera Maya, such as the contrast between the luxurious lifestyle and the laid-back atmosphere in Tulum, for example, but let’s save that topic for another occasion… There is another outstanding place – Puerto Aventuras – that might as well be the perfect set for an epic Hollywood romance, or a new Indiana Jones film, or for a documentary about the Mexican Caribbean’s bountiful marine life. Yes, Puerto Aventuras is that diverse and full of contrasts!

This community, which also happens to be the largest housing estate in the Riviera Maya, is a perfect amalgam between the tourism, residential and nautical sectors. Puerto Aventuras is like a newly discovered yet exceedingly valuable gem, and the offerings it boasts are dazzling: Beach, lagoon, Caribbean Sea, marina and a golf course. Even today, thirty years after the concept first surprised Mexico and the world, there are few projects that can match the features and services of Puerto Aventuras real estate.



“Before Puerto Aventuras, a development in the Riviera Maya implied nothing but laying out a street towards the sea, subdivide the lots and start selling,” stated Mexico real estate expert Gustavo Segrove, chief of Arquitectura y Diseños del Caribe, in an interview with Real Estate Market website. “Because of that, Puerto Aventuras is a pioneer in this kind of integral developments, with a broad diversity of real estate products which range from a residence on the golf course, to luxury condos on the marina or beachfront, business zones, housing zones, hotel zones. With this, Puerto Aventuras is a more complete development than any other in the area.”

A True Community

In a tourist zone where people come and go all day and night, it is often difficult to put down roots. But in a complex like Puerto Aventuras, the flow of tourists and the stability of its permanent residents has created an unusual phenomenon in a tourist destination: The creation of an authentic identity and the strengthening of a sense of community. There is a vibe in the atmosphere, a warmth in both the climate and the social relationships. Between the size of the place, the weather, the activities, landscapes, and the tranquility, a social fabric is formed that harmonizes people and gives rise to a spirit of comradery, gentleness and kindness.


A New Home for Expats

Most residents in Puerto Aventuras arrived in this gated community pursuing a dream. Maybe they were escaping cold weather, maybe they were attracted by the fantastic lifestyle in Mexico, or maybe they felt drawn by the advantages of the currency exchange rates because life is so much more affordable in Mexico. There are many reasons that hundreds of people have decided to leave behind their homes around the world and create a new place to call home in this tropical paradise. People like Suzanne Marie Bandick, author of the book “Only In Mexico, You Say,” have started new projects, dedicating their time and efforts to talking about the perks of living in Mexico’s best destinations and living their dreams. They made hard choices, but live happy and are glad they did. Expats in Mexico may live far away from their previous lives and their relatives, but they are satisfied and proud of their choices.

A Great place for your vacation

In Puerto Aventuras you will breathe easier and enjoy a real sense of safety and calm, without the need of extensive police surveillance. But in addition to the trust that is inspired by the community, there is always something new to try in Puerto Aventuras. Because, what’s the point of living in an exclusive community if you always have to leave in order to have fun?

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The first must-see feature in Puerto Aventuras is the beautiful private beach that borders the community, which is considered among the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. The pearly white sand and the turquoise waters are an excellent way to relax both mind and body. A few yards away rests the world’s second largest coral reef, which you can explore by diving or snorkeling.

The marina is the centerpiece of Puerto Aventuras and is nestled among bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, craft shops, a library and a museum of sunken ships. A wide array of activities are offered in the lagoon and at sea, including sailing in a yacht or a catamaran, sport fishing, snorkeling and diving. There is even a place where you can swim with dolphins and manatees! And if you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, simply head out to explore one of the three bays in Puerto Aventuras; Fatima, Chan Yu Yum or Chac Hal Al, where you can spend the day reading or just soaking up the sun.


Another important part of the exclusive Puerto Aventuras development is the golf course, which was designed in 1991 by Thomas Leman. The course is covered by a smooth carpet of Bermuda grass and it is surrounded by tropical trees and lush foliage.

You won’t find any food chains in Puerto Aventuras, only a vast array of local and international culinary offerings that sprawl along the shaded docks, offering a perfect spot to marvel at the incredible twilight sky as you enjoy a refreshing beverage. Or maybe you’ll want to dine in an open-air restaurant while watching the dolphin show from under a huge palapa, or perhaps you’re in the mood for a beer in a cool English pub. There are also karaoke bars, venues with giant TV screens to watch sports games and pizza places in Puerto Aventuras.

Once you have taken a stroll along the beach, the marina and tasted the best dishes this exclusive resort community has to offer, it´s time to explore all the hidden corners of Puerto Aventuras. In its more than 300 hectares (nearly 750 acres), there are secretes everywhere. Play a nice tennis match, explore an ancient Mayan temple, visit the local church, treat yourself a massage at the spa and take a bike or horseback ride – you won’t be sorry!

As you can see, Puerto Aventuras has something to offer for everyone, and it definitely has something for you!

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