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A Journey Into Paradise

Convenience of the Cancun International Airport, a Local’s Perspective

20 April, 2017

Convenience of the Cancun International Airport, a Local’s Perspective

Many of my clients are in a transitional phase of their lives: Retired, soon-to-be-retired, or looking to relocate. What that means is that these folks are going to be living in Cancun or somewhere else in Mexico’s Riviera Maya and traveling at least a few times a year, whether from home to their investment property here, to see family and friends, or to continue exploring this beautiful planet we live on. Having been a full-time resident of the Riviera Maya for nearly eight years, I cannot stress enough how fortunate my family is to live just an hour from Cancun International Airport. My last year’s travel is a perfect example of why: 

Round-trips to Atlanta, Georgia

My wife and I are both from Atlanta. Both of our parents, and my sister all live within twenty minutes of one another (subject to traffic and non-collapsing bridges). Atlanta is just over a two-hour flight from the Cancun International Airport, and because it is a huge international hub, there is a flight about every hour between Southwest and Delta Airlines. I enjoy the peace of mind, including airport transit, waits, flight time, etc., I can be standing in our parent’s living room in about five hours for a very reasonable price. You may not be from Atlanta, but most major US cities have several weekly flights to the Cancun International Airport.

Round-trip to Madrid, Spain

While I was looking for our next vacation last year, Europe was not even on my radar. Then I found out about these great things called charter flights. Large hoteliers (in our case Barcelo Hotels) own their own airlines (Evelop Airlines), and give great rates to fly to their vacation destinations. That made getting in and out of Europe through Madrid simple and inexpensive. If there is another specific major European city you are looking to get to (London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Moscow), chances are you can find a direct flight as well. 

Convenience of the Cancun International Airport, a Local’s Perspective | Madrid

Round-trip to Montreal, Quebec

For whatever reason, we wanted to experience winter this year. Just kidding, we enjoy skiing and wanted our five-year-old son to learn. With the Canadian dollar so low right now, Canada was an easy pick. My wife’s family has been going to Mont Tremblant forever, which is just a two-hour drive from Montreal. Once again, you can get direct flights from the Cancun International Airport several times a day. To ensure we did not lose a day of skiing to travel, I even dragged my family onto a red-eye flight that arrived at 2:00 am. My son was in his first day of ski school by 9:30 am.   

Round-trip to Mexico City

There was an international horse show a couple weekends back that several folks from our barn wanted to attend, and that was a great excuse for my wife and sons to visit the big city and see one of our good friends as well. Flights within Mexico cost next to nothing, and since the Cancun International Airport and Mexico City are the two busiest airports in the country, there are more than several flights per day.

It is pretty tough to beat the accessibility of Cancun International Airport. Coupled with the fact that the Riviera Maya is one of the top ten real estate markets in the world, investors can rest easy that vacationers have just as easy of a time getting to their properties as they do. For the folks looking to split time or live here year-round, the world is at your fingertips.

Have you ever flown into the Cancun International Airport? Tell us what you love most about Cancun in the comments below!

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