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El Centro Playa: A New Way of Life in Downtown Playa del Carmen

16 December, 2017

Centro Playa: A New Way of Life in Downtown Playa del Carmen

As everyone who visits downtown Playa del Carmen knows, Fifth Avenue and the beach are the main attractions. Most travelers aren’t even aware of what sits behind the vibrant sights and sounds of Fifth Avenue.

Just a few streets back from the bustling of Fifth Avenue, however, you will discover the lovely, local neighborhoods of Playa, as the locals often call this Mexican Caribbean beach town. The neighborhood known as “el centro" Playa is where you will find many of the locals live, as well as short term and long-term renters, as there are brand new luxury condo buildings on almost every block between 15th Avenue and 40th Avenue.

The beauty of these local neighborhoods is that it’s just a short walk from the world-renowned beaches of Playa del Carmen, around the corner from many delectable cafes and a wide variety of everyday conveniences like grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, banks and pharmacies. Everything is within walking distance, or just a short bike ride away.

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Centro Playa: A New Way of Life in Downtown Playa del Carmen

There are a variety of entertaining establishments to choose from for evening outings. Enjoy dinner while watching tableside salsa dancing, feast on homemade pasta, indulge in fresh seafood with a Mexican flare, and last but certainly not least, splurge on the best homemade gelato you will ever taste… While all along you’re paying half the price than if you’d eaten on (or close to) Fifth Avenue. 

The charming backstreets of el centro Playa are prospering more and more every day, and have provided a beautiful way of life for many people from all different corners of the world. It is a melting pot of people who crave a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, and a place to call home. 

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