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A Journey Into Paradise

Celebrities in Tulum 2018: Hollywood Loves Mexico’s Riviera Maya

08 May, 2018

Celebrities in Tulum 2018: Hollywood Loves Mexico’s Riviera Maya | Orlando Bloom, etc

While it’s always a safe bet to assume there are plenty of celebrities in Mexico right now, the list of celebrities in Tulum so far in 2018 is pretty impressive, and if the rumors are true, even more star power is headed to Mexico’s Riviera Maya this summer! Read on to see which celebs have been spotted in the Mexican Caribbean so far this year.

Celebrities in Tulum 2018

If you’ve been paying attention to what Tinseltown is up to, chances are good that you might have already noticed that celebs love to visit the Riviera Maya. Stretching for more than 80 miles south of the Cancun International Airport on the Mexican Caribbean coast, this tropical playground is home to the best beaches in the world and offers easy access to world-class dining, nightlife and shopping, so it’s really not surprising that stars can’t stay away from the Mexican Caribbean!

“Drew… Reese… Cameron… Alessandra. If you’ve followed any celebs or models on Instagram in the past five years, chances are you’ve seen at least one of them post a glamour shot from the white-sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico”, wrote People magazine last week.

Celebrities in Tulum 2018: Hollywood Loves Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Yes, that’s A-list actors Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz, along with Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, in case you were wondering! Other big names seen here recently include Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton, Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller, as well as Demi Moore, Heather Graham, Nina Dobrev and Kristin Cavallari. The entire cast of Vanderpump Rules also vacationed in the Mexican Caribbean earlier this year, and Richard Gere rung in the New Year, while  Naomi Watts and Danica Patrick also made appearances.

“It’s a luxurious locale that draws A-listers for its laid-back yet high-fashion vibe”, People wrote.

Situated at the southern end of the Riviera Maya region, the lifestyle has caused a major spike in Tulum real estate investing over the last decade, but the area still prides itself on a strong commitment to sustainability. In addition to the beaches, weather and food, it’s this eco-friendly focus that attracts environmentally aware celebs like DiCaprio. Most people ride around on bicycles, many bars, restaurants and shops are open-air and there are plenty of organic and vegetarian menu options to suit health-conscious patrons.

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Celebrities in Tulum 2018: Hollywood Loves Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Where Celebrities Stay in Tulum

Celebs have been known to frequent a number of boutique hotels located along the beach road, including the Amansala Yoga and Wellness resort, which offers a $4,000-per-week Bikini Bootcamp, as well as Habitas, which offers luxury rented rooms right on the beach and takes the idea of “glamping” to another level. Other popular destinations among celebs include Azulik, which resembles a type of adults-only Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse with thatched-roof lodges that start at $800 USD per night.

If this is a bit above your price range, don’t despair! There are also plenty of more affordable vacation home rentals in the Riviera Maya, as well as more spacious luxury condos like those at KASA Hotel + Residences, which offers incredible value and specializes in curating unique local excursions to ensure an unforgettable visit, every time. Regardless of where you decide to stay, my advice is to think outside the walls of big-box all-inclusive resorts and hotels, to include smaller boutique options, vacation homes and luxury condos in your search.

Celebrities in Tulum 2018: Hollywood Loves Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Where to Eat in Tulum

Of course, celebs always know where to find the best food, so let’s take a moment to check out where they’ve been spotted in the area, because incredible culinary delights can surely be found in their wake. No discussion about where to eat in Tulum would be complete without mentioning Hartwood, where the menu changes nightly, every item is cooked to perfection over an open flame and entrees are reasonably priced at $15-$30 per person.

After dinner drinks at Casa Jaguar are also a “must-do” (be sure to ask the bartender to mix up a drink based on your energy), and the modern Mexican fare at Gitano is out of this world. For something more unexpected, head to Posada Margherita and see what it’s like to dine at an Italian restaurant with a Caribbean view!

Have you ever visited the Mexican Caribbean, or anywhere else in Mexico? Let us know in the comments!

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