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A Journey Into Paradise

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Susana MacDonald

Susana MacDonald
Mexico Living & Lifestyle News | Page 1 | Susana MacDonald
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Bogotá, Colombia
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26 April, 2017

Top Yoga Studios in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is home to some of the most beautiful beachfront real estate in the world and offers an endless array of activities for visitors to experience. But if you are an avid yoga practitioner, a yoga retreat by the sea is likely too enticing to pass up… For serious devotees, yoga is something that we simply have to do, and that includes when we happen to be on vacation visiting downtown Playa del Carmen! Fortunately, in Mexico’s Riviera Maya there are plenty of great yoga studios that offer amazing classes to keep your yoga practice strong while you explore one of the best countries for expats in the world.

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02 July, 2014

You came to Mexico for a visit and realized that it was not enough...now what?  You thought it through and decided that what you really wanted was to move to the Riviera Maya and find the perfect little piece of paradise.  After visiting places such as Puerto Aventuras,Akumal,  and Tulum you found exactly what you were looking for and purchased the home of your dreams.   Your car is in a different country and you want to bring it with you so what is the next step?

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27 August, 2013

If you are looking into Tulum Real Estate it’s important to mention the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.  In Mayan Sian Ka’an means “Origin of the Sky”.  The Sian Ka’an biosphere is located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, just a few minutes south of the city of Tulum. In the Reserve there are mangroves, tropical forests, and marshes with a large marine section that connects to the barrier reef, along with a diverse fauna.

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30 July, 2013

There are only a few occasions in a lifetime when one gets to experience love at first sight. It might be a person, an event, or a place. In my life, one of those precious moments took place when I visited Tulum. I remember the first time I visited this wonderful town. We arrived into Cancun with my husband a few days after hurricane Emily had passed through the area. I was pregnant with my first child and seeing that we had not visited this part of Mexico before, we could not decide if we wanted to brave the drive from Cancun to Tulum.  At first, we changed our travel plans and opted to visit a different region. Something inside kept telling us that we should go to Tulum and check it out. We drove through a small jungle road (which is now a large freeway) and finally made it to town. That was the moment when our love affair with Tulum began. 

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