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A Journey Into Paradise

5 Things to Love at The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences

24 April, 2017

5 Things to Love About The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences

When you stay in an oceanfront hotel, have you noticed that the rooms with a view of the beach are more expensive? Of course. In every business, there is a rule to succeed that simply cannot be repeated enough: The location.

But that's just the first advantage The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences in Playa del Carmen offers to the owners and steady stream of tourists who want to stay here, making this the ideal place to buy a luxury condo in one of the world's top vacation destinations. The residences are in an ideal location and owners will benefit from the rapid appreciation this region is known for.

The development provides the ultimate in daily comfort, surrounded by one of the world's most beautiful natural landscapes. On one side is the thick jungle of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, and on the other is the stunning Caribbean Sea with its radiant shades of turquoise blue. To top it off, the list of services, amenities and benefits offered to members at The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences make this an offer that you definitely don’t want to refuse.

Playa is An Authentic Destination

At this point, it's highly unlikely that you have not already heard of Playa del Carmen. Millions of people come here every year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and world-class culinary scene, as well as the warmth of its people and a variety of exciting cultural and entertainment offerings, not to mention shopping on Fifth Avenue., which is the longest pedestrian-only boulevard in the world. The more than 14 million visitors who come to Playa each year can testify to that.

5 Things to Love About The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences

But all of these outstanding aspects would not be the same without the added authenticity of the destination. For example, Playa is not a planned or “pre-made” city, as are many other tourist destinations in Mexico. On the contrary, it was literally discovered by the world after the birth of Cancun. It was born as a small fishing village, grew as a relaxed and quiet alternative to the excitement of Cancun, flourishing organically as a genuine cosmopolitan city that captivates and enchants the thousands of people who visit each season, many of whom no longer return to their places of origin and opt to stay.

Benefits of Ownership at The Fives

The Fives is a unique concept that offers five-star premium services in a property that always feels like home. Characterized by lush gardens, crystal-clear pools, contemporary style and warm hospitality, from the moment you step into the lobby, you will be overwhelmed by a subtle yet true sense of elegance at The Fives.

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No matter if you are single or married, if you come with your family or with friends, you will always find a place to rest, while enjoying all the total serenity Playa's natural environment provides. The development’s design seems embedded within the jungle, so that you always feel connected to the earth without sacrificing any aspect of security.

Enjoy The Fives Club

The owners of a residence in this development also get to enjoy a wide variety of different amenities offered by The Fives Club, which promises a great experience on each visit.

For example, the private beach club offers one of the area's best pool bars, overlooking a private beach that's ideal for relaxing and spending time with your family. There's also an infinity pool to keep you refreshed, along with spacious reading and sunbathing areas to enjoy while sipping a cold drink.

5 Things to Love About The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences

At The Fives, you can choose from 11 different gourmet restaurants that will satisfy any craving of the day. Want to try Thai cuisine? Or do you feel like eating sushi? Maybe Spanish tapas? Italian food? Try them all! And if what you want to discover your next favorite drink, there are three bars to help you do so.

Other activities available at The Fives Club include a spa, fitness center, children's club, teen club, private chefs and many different special events for vacation home owners to enjoy, among others. On the other hand, you will also have medical services, babysitting, access to a private yoga instructor, transportation, snorkeling equipment, amenities for baby, in-room movie selection, 24-hour room service, laundry and wireless internet.

Luxury and Elegance Surround the Residences

The luxury condos at The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences are designed to make you live every day in perfect luxury and total comfort, creating the ideal color palette and lighting that seeks balance with the natural environment. An innovative combination of luxury and elegance will fill each of your days.

While designing the residences at The Fives, the developer TM Real Estate Group set out to make each vacation home an irresistible retreat full of pleasure and relaxation. An endearing location that visitors will not want to give up. Inspired by nature, The Fives was designed to highlight the region's landscape, creating a warm, elegant and natural atmosphere. Contemporary and luxurious residences and penthouses offer breathtaking views, sophisticated furnishings and finishes, and terraces with Jacuzzi and ocean views.

5 Things to Love About The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences

Residential Resort Style 

The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences is a type of resort known as residential accommodation, offering a modality that allows people to stay not only for a few nights, but for weeks or months if they wish. In the same way, this hybrid concept combines the best characteristics of a private vacation home and a resort. For this reason, the development does not have rooms like those of a typical hotel, but is designed with complete luxury condos that integrate more of the goods than a normal house, and also rely on the hotel to provide any services that are not available inside the residence, such as laundry.

This also means that guests of the house will not have to worry about anything when it comes to care and maintenance of the condominium, because everything is included. Instead, owners are free to make the most of their time spent enjoying the destination, having fun and relaxing, since the hotel staff will always be more than willing to help you with any housework or other demands.

Finally, owners never have to worry about finding travelers who are interested in renting the residences, or keeping it occupied all year round. At The Fives, a group of experts will look after everything your turnkey vacation home may need. From payment of utilities, to ongoing maintenance needs, this investment property offers a real advantage and a powerful reason to invest in The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences.

What's your favorite thing to have in vacation homes or resorts? Let us know in the comments!

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