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A Journey Into Paradise

5 Amazing Days in Cancun, Mexico

28 February, 2017


Cancun regularly attracts more annual visitors than any other popular Mexico tourist destination, thanks to its turquoise Caribbean waters, gorgeous white-sand beaches, luxurious services and amenities, rich local culture and easy access from around the world at the Cancun International Airport.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo, the area around Cancun and the entire Riviera Maya region are coveted worldwide for the diverse ecosystems and amazing array of activities that make visiting and also living in Cancun and the Riviera Maya a highly desirable option for travelers and expats worldwide. 

“Luring outdoor enthusiasts to discover Quintana Roo’s diversity are multiple options that include Puerto Morelos, plus the ‘Treasures of the Caribbean’ islands of Holbox, Isla Mujeres and Contoy,” wrote TravelPulse.

Here are ideas for ways to spend 5 days in Cancun and the surrounding region, enjoying the amazing lifestyle this part of the Mexican Caribbean has to offer!

Day 1 – Explore Your Accommodations in Cancun

After you arrive at the Cancun International Airport, collect your bags and make it to your resort, luxury condo or boutique hotel, it’s always a good idea to become familiar with the surrounding area. Wherever you opt to stay, be sure to make time to enjoy the many perks offered by most developments in Cancun. 


“Cancun’s accommodations run the range, from boutique hotels and eco-friendly retreats, to mega all-inclusive escapes with all the decadent bells and whistles,” wrote TravelPulse

All-inclusive privileges often include limitless gourmet dining options, top-shelf spirits, endless daytime activities, live entertainment, 24-hour concierge services and other amenities. Insider Tip from Investment Properties Mexico: If you love golf, be sure to check out a few of the amazing, professionally designed golf courses in Cancun and Mexico’s Riviera Maya!

Day 2 – Check Out Isla Holbox

If you love the beach but want to escape the crowds of Cancun to discover what life used to be like in this little corner of paradise, consider taking a day trip to the nearby fishing village of Isla Holbox. Situated about two hours northwest of Cancun, this gorgeous island is 26 miles long and offers amazing opportunities to swim with whale sharks every year between June and December, as well as a large variety of exotic birds and delicious cuisine. 


While visiting Holbox, be sure to cool off in the Yalahau Spring, then sample a scrumptious lobster pizza in one of the many local eateries and – of course – take time to soak up the sun! Insider Tip from Investment Properties Mexico: If you’re staying in Cancun, it’s a good idea to wake up and disembark early so you can maximize the time spent enjoying the many wonders of Isla Holbox. 

Day 3 – Visit the Village of Solferino

Situated not far from Isla Holbox, about three hours from downtown Cancun and just 15 minutes from the Port of Chiquila, the village of Solferino lies on the northern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Home to the ecological preserve of El Corchal, Solferino is often considered one of the most astounding and less-visited ecosystems in all of Mexico.


“The Corchal, is a unique wetland with beautiful cork trees, coastal marshes with red mangrove and seagrass, and lush jungle brimming with orchids and ferns,” wrote TravelPulse. “Visitors can explore by kayaking, walking the trails and climbing the observation tower to discover the nuances and forms of the Mayan jungle and its inhabitants.”

The ecosystem in and around Solferino is also home to a variety of species of native wildlife, including badgers, boas, deer, foxes, pacas, pigs, pit vipers, raccoons and turtles, as well as a colorful array of migratory and endemic birds. Insider Tip from Investment Properties Mexico: Before you leave Solferino, be sure to take a tour of the local orchid farm and also check out the Ceiba, a legendary sacred tree of the ancient Mayans that dates back more than 100 years.

Day 4 – Discover Contoy Island

Located about one hour off the coast of Cancun close to where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico, Contoy Island is the most important place for sea birds to next in the entire region. There are no humans living on Contoy Island, which has been protected by the Mexican government since 1961 and was officially declared a national park in 1998. 


“The nature reserve’s diversions include snorkeling amid some 230 species of fish, swimming in the pristine waters off Contoy Beach, and spotting more than 150 species of migrating and resident birds, iguanas and brightly-colored lizards,” wrote TravelPulse. “It’s also a nesting site for sea turtles.” 

Boat tours depart from Isla Mujeres and Cancun, with the trip taking one or two hours, depending on the conditions, and only a few tour operators are permitted to bring visitors to Contoy Island. Numbers are also limited to 200 people daily, in an effort to protect the abundant native wildlife. 

Day 5 – Swimming in Cenotes

The entire limestone platform of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is honeycombed with caves and freshwater sinkholes known as cenotes (pronounced say-note-tays), stretching south from cancun through the heart of the Riviera Maya region, which includes Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Consider following the Route of the Cenotes, which begins near Puerto Morelos, just 25 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport.


“One of the best-known cenotes is located in Boca del Puma, a natural park that also engages with ziplining, horseback riding and driving 4 x 4 motorcycles,” wrote TravelPulse.

Another popular cenote is Kin Ha, which measures 131 feet in diameter and is 165 feet deep, with crystal clear waters for swimming and diving. Las Mojarras, Siete Bocas, Verde Lucero and La Noria are also located along the cenote route. Insider Tip from Investment Properties Mexico: It’s possible to visit about five cenotes in one day if you just want to visit and swim in their crystal-clear waters, but if you want to dive or partake of other activities offered along the route, it’s a good idea to allow a couple of days for the experience.

So what’s in store for the future of tourism in Cancun and Mexico’s Riviera Maya? Several new properties are already in the works and scheduled to be opened within the next couple of years, and there are more flights than ever coming into the Cancun International Airport from around the world. In short, now is a great time to experience Cancun and the amazing lifestyle of the surrounding areas, especially the Riviera Maya region, which lies just to the south.

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