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A Journey Into Paradise

Copenhagen’s Noma Restaurant Set to Open Pop Up in Tulum, Mexico

22 November, 2016


Denmark’s own Chef René Redzepi, proprietor of the groundbreaking Copenhagen eatery Noma, began to discover paradise through the culinary magic of Mexico nearly ten years ago when he journeyed to Merida and stopped on the street to sample tacos al pastor, the hot, fresh corn tortillas overflowing with mouthwatering browned pork the region is famous for.

“The next day, I started delving into it,” he told the New York Times. “I realized, there were thousands of years of history in every bite.”

Redzepi has taken regular annual trips to Mexico ever since, but in April of 2017 he will be bringing his entire Copenhagen-based staff of around 90 people, along with his wife and children to run a Noma pop-up restaurant in Tulum, which lies on Mexico’s Caribbean coast just south of Playa del Carmen and only two hours south of Cancun, and has many reasons to fall in love with its lifestyle.

The Noma pop-up restaurant will reportedly be inspired by the cuisine of Mexico and will serve dinner five nights a week at $600 per person. Reservations can be made starting at 10 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday, Dec. 6th on the restaurant’s website. Unlike other pop-ups Redzepi has overseen, the one bringing new flavors to the prime beachfront real estate of Tulum will be a joint venture with his creative partner Rosio Sanchez, who was Noma’s onetime pastry chef and now operates Hija de Sanchez, a popular Copenhagen taco shop.

“For the next two weeks, Ms. Sanchez will travel with Mr. Redzepi and a handful of other cooks through the Yucatan Peninsula – a regional focus of Noma’s menu – tasting ingredients to supply the Tulum restaurant, observing new techniques and commissioning artisans to produce glassware and ceramics,” wrote the New York Times.

The group also plans to sample exotic fruits and learn how to make cochinita pibil, a type of delicious Yucatecan dish of pork rubbed with achiote paste and sour orange juice before it is slow cooked in a stone-lined pit. All of this will wind up influencing the final menu at Noma, which is one of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

“The entire dining room, like many restaurants in Tulum, will also be outdoors – in this case, on the cleared edge of the jungle,” wrote the New York Times. “The foundation for the new structure is being laid near La Zebra, a small hotel where Mr. Redzepi and his family have stayed in the past.”

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