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Cancun to Host Formula 4 Race Feb. 5,2017

22 September, 2016

Formula 4 is taking a new stage in Mexico and Cancun will have a date in the 2017 championship series,according to Luis Campo Lobo,who serves as general director of the Cancun International Autodrome.

The race will be held February 5,2017 when the Cancun International Autodrome will welcome 20 teams from around the world to compete for the Formula 4 Championship title in Mexico.

Formula 4 was created in 2013 to provide young drivers (ages 15 years old and up) worldwide with the opportunity to take the first step beyond karting (a racing discipline that is run with karts),to the world of racing a high-level single-seater.

"We received the invitation from Flavio Abed, director of Formula 4 in Mexico,to be part of this championship,and we will fulfull a number of requirements to be within the official calendar," said Campo Lobo. "The original idea is to be a permanent headquarters for the sport and each year host this championship. In 2017 it will be on February 5,which will be our debut,so we're working hard on all the requirements Formula 4 has and we are on a good path." 

The upcoming championship Formula 4 series will include around 20 teams on a total of eight dates. The winner will have the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship worth €50,000 euros and the chance to compete in other categories,such as Formula 3,and even the chance to compete for a place in Formula 1,which returned to Mexico last October.

Huge opportunity for Mexican drivers

"Mexico will host the first prize in America and it is a huge opportunity for Mexican drivers,including Cancun,which has capable drivers that are running in other categories today," added Campo Lobo.

The 687-meter speedway is currently undergoing remodeling and will receive a total makeover. More bleachers will be built and circuit safety fences and concrete walls will be reinforced. The Cancun International Autodrome will be able to seat 15,000 fans by the time race day rolls around.

"We are very proud that we are taken into account,” stated Campo Lobo. "We know that Cancun is an international destination and this is our opportunity to host this type of racing… And why not think of more international events in the future?”

At the end of October Formula 4 managers and key members of the International Federation will come to Cancun to see the progress of the road course and to provide official certification for the February event.

Formula 4,also known as the "International Mile," hosts events in several countries,including Germany,Italy,France and Australia. Now Mexico will also have the opportunity to see these drivers first hand.

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