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A Journey Into Paradise

Expat Profile: North Carolina Couple Relocates to Puerto Morelos, Mexico

28 June, 2016

When Frank and Dale Reams first visited the picturesque fishing village of Puerto Morelos in 1998 they immediately felt a deep sense of belonging. According to a recent expat profile by International Living, the pair kept coming back as often as possible, until their dreams became a reality and they finally moved to Puerto Morelos full time in 2003.

“We fell in love with this area and after several more vacations, we decided that Puerto Morelos would become our retirement home when the time came,”  Frank revealed in a 2016 interview.

So, how did they do it, you ask? Well, it’s simple: Frank and Dale packed up their Ford Explorer and drove south from their home in North Carolina all the way to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, which lies in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya – just south of Cancun and just north of Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean Sea.

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“Our life here was wonderful right from the beginning,” Frank stated. “We met many people and made friends, so finding a place to life turned out not to be a problem at all.”

Despite the Riviera Maya’s growing popularity, Puerto Morelos has retained a small-town feel, making it the ideal contrast to the bustling energy of Cancun just 30 miles to the north. In Puerto Morelos, the warm, crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean offer an excellent place for divers, snorkelers, boating enthusiasts and anglers to explore day after day, returning to enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at one of the village’s many seaside restaurants.

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When Frank’s wife Dale passed away suddenly in 2005, he opted to stay in Puerto Morelos and continues to make a life for himself here today. 

“I am so happy that we were able to enjoy our dream together for as long as we could,” he shared. “After Dale passed, I knew that I’d be staying. My life is here now.” 

Frank says he enjoys spending time assisting the local community in a variety of service-oriented projects, and he is also active in promoting the local tourism and business culture. He also raises money for a number of local charities.

“I maintain an active, informational website about Puerto Morelos. I’ve organized the annual Chili Cook-Off and the annual Chicken Wing Competition over the 4th of July weekend. I’m the village Santa at Christmas and I supervise the toy drive and arrange a parade with my elves. I am also the administrator of a small school that teaches English to the local kids. I organize the annual Easter egg hunt, as well as the annual talent contest for kids.” 

The excellent medical care available in Puerto Morelos is also a big draw for Frank, who at 67 says he doesn’t see doctors much but feels secure knowing they are nearby if he needs them. His medical insurance policy costs only $400 per year.

“I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be,”  he stated, summing it up nicely for those who are looking for a fantastic place to retire – either full or part time. 

So, when are you coming to Puerto Morelos and Mexico’s Riviera Maya for a tour? 

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