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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Hides Ancient Mayan Secrets

24 June, 2016

Located in the southeastern part of the Mexican state of Campeche,deep in the lush jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula,archaeologists discovered two hidden Mayan cities,along with a number of other secrets that have been lost for centuries.

Ancient Ruins Revealed

Among the discoveries,researchers have unearthed an enormous doorway resembling a monster mouth,ruined pyramid temples and a number of palace remains,reported International Business Times. 

“This site was first located and visited in the 1970s by an American archaeologist named Eric Von Euw,” wrote IBT. “He documented details of the façade and other stone monuments in drawings which remained unpublished.” 

Thick jungle vegetation in this part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula made accessing the sites difficult,but Sprajc and his team were able to find and photograph the extensive remains as they explored the area,which appears to extend over 1,800 square miles around the large Maya city of Chactun.

“The monster-mouth façade represents a Maya earth deity related with fertility,” shared expedition leader Ivan Sprajc,from the Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in a report by news.discovery.com. “These doorways symbolize the entrance to a cave and,in general,to the watery underworld,a place of the mythological origin of maize and abode of ancestors.”

Gardening Practices Uncovered

In addition,Popular Archaeology revealed that ancient Maya gardeners in Mexico’s Yucatan were able to coax a substantial amount of sustenance from the land,which has shallow soil composition and an expansive natural bedrock of karstic limestone,making it challenging environment for farming.  Their success was largely attributed to the natural feature of the Yucatan landscape known as a rejollada.

“A rejollada is a large circular sinkhole in the natural limestone bedrock that often contains deep moist soil,” shared archaeologist Kate Leonard in an interview with Popular Archaeology. “They’re actually quite large. I was surprised when I walked down into my first one. They do vary in size,but the ones we were excavating could fit a soccer field in them. They are large enough that it is difficult to indicate in a photograph that you are in a deep depression.”

Secrets of Science

Another recent discovery revealed that the solar observatory found at the ruins of Acanceh south of Merida and due west of Valladolid is also aligned to the planet Venus,reported The Yucatan Times. The finding,in addition to the astronomical observatory’s very existence,confirms that the ancient Mayans possessed great knowledge of the solar system.

“We believe this building used to be a multi-functional facility that was used exclusively by the Mayan elite,specifically priest-astronomers,” shared Beatriz Suaste Quintal,a specialist at the Yucatan National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). “Venus is the third brightest planet in the sky,so it was possible to calculate a cycle for it to have its maximum output in the north,a fact represented in one of the three codes that were found at the site.”

Venus was also represented as a deity named Noh Ek in ancient Maya culture and its astronomical calculation is clearly referred to in the Dresden Codex. 

When are you coming to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for a visit to one of our ancient Mayan cities? 

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