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A Journey Into Paradise

Bali Green School Concept Coming to Tulum Community in Mexico

12 June, 2016

If you are looking for a place that immerses all the senses in the power and magic of nature, Puertas Tulum could be exactly what you’re searching for. Located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya just south of Playa del Carmen, the Puertas Tulum development provides residents a unique chance to revisit the simple pleasures in life, blending wilderness and luxurious comfort into seamless spaces designed to foster a sense of community, creativity, passion, innovation and sustainability along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast.

The new Green School Tulum is an important part of this vision and is modeled after the ultra-successful Green School Bali to provide a progressive learning experience that ignites the natural curiosity of children.

“In brotherhood with Green School Bali for the generations to come,” stated developers in a description of the school and its unique philosophy.

A true “school without walls,” Green School Tulum strives to ignite all the senses of its students to encourage innovation, creativity and a lifelong love of learning. The school’s philosophy is very much in line with the larger development of Puertas Tulum, which is fostering a whole new type of international community where all members can flourish and experience daily growth as a whole person through the joy of being part of a vibrant group of forward thinking residents.

The new Green School Tulum is dedicated to creating a community of learners that understand the importance of sustainability through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a wall-less, natural environment. The curriculum is based on a holistic, student-guided approach that inspires and empowers the children of today to become the green leaders of tomorrow.

“If you are open to the idea that there is a way of living where the environment is as valid as the economy, where your children are schooled with values and standards that the future of the planet needs, then this might be the place for you,” wrote developers on the Puertas Tulum website.

Puertas Tulum will include a variety of learning centers and gathering places for all members of the community to enjoy and interact with great minds from around the world, making the development an epicenter for enlightenment, advanced education and natural healing through living in harmony with nature and with the values of sustainable living.

When are you coming for a tour of Tulum?

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