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A Journey Into Paradise

Richard Houghton Where Expats Live in Mexico and Where They Come From

25 May, 2016

With nearly one million foreigners from around the world living in Mexico at any given time,it only begs the questions,“Where do most of the expats live?” and “Where do they come from?” Of course,the answer is complicated,but real estate expert Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico breaks it down and talks about the latest immigration trends,as well as the most popular expatriate destinations.

Richard Houghton Of Investment Properties Mexico Answers 6 Common Questions For Expats

“There has been an increase among immigrants from East Asian countries,as well as other parts of Latin America,but the greatest influx continues to be from the United States,” shared Houghton. 

Of course,Mexico’s status as one of the world’s top tourism hotspots is always a major driving force behind its growing status as a major retirement and expat destination. With incredible biodiversity,some of the world’s most pristine ecosystems,warm tropical weather year round,a warm culture,fantastic healthcare,large number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and a high standard of living that is much more affordable than many comparable destinations,Mexico truly does have it all.

According to census data from the National Migration Institute of Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Migracion de Mexico,or INAM),as well as the National Geography and Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia,or INEGI),people who are born outside of Mexico choose to live and work in this multifaceted country for a wide variety of reasons.

According to INEGI’s 2010 Population and Housing Census,there are 961,121 people born in another country living in Mexico,” wrote The Yucatan Times. “This is equivalent to .86% of the total population (a number that includes only people with legal residence).”

There are also a large yet unknown number of people who only live in Mexico part time every year and are not included on the census as full-time residents. Regardless,over the last 10 years,the number of foreigners moving to Mexico – both full and part time – has greatly increased,thanks to a growing awareness worldwide of everything this fantastic country has to offer. 

“The total number of Chinese immigrants has also tripled over the last decade,while the number of Korean immigrants has grown 12 times during the same period,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “As for Europe,Spanish immigrants make up the largest population,followed by the French,Germans and Italians. Generally speaking,European and American expats prefer to seek out Mexico’s larger cities and more popular destinations.” 

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