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U.S. & Mexico Plot Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

19 May, 2016

The potential for the United States and Mexico to launch a joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup is evidence that this international sport is gaining major ground among U.S. audiences,reported Quartz. It’s also a reflection of the true dominant social trends in the United States (Trump be damned),which includes a growing Latino population and widening appreciation for the sport of soccer,or – ahem – football,among all ethnicities on both sides of the border. Of course,the sport’s obvious moneymaking opportunities are also a huge part of the appeal to both Mexico and the United States for hosting the games.

“The potential joint bid was hatched at a congress held by FIFA,world soccer’s global governing body,in Mexico last week,” wrote Tim Fernholz for Quartz. “If the two countries cooperate to host the international soccer championship,it would be the first shared effort to put on the world’s most popular sporting event since Japan and South Korea in 2002.”

Although members of both the U.S. and Mexico federations have said they are also prepared to submit an independent bid,they also feel a joint bid would have better chances of attracting the attention of FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The 2026 World Cup is due to be hosted in the region including North and Central America as well as the Caribbean,but there are a number of FIFA officials who remain put off by the United States after US law enforcement agents uncovered deeply ingrained corruption within the organization in 2015. 

“Mexico’s national soccer team is already represented by Soccer United Marketing,a US company that also markets the US national team and Major League Soccer,” wrote Fernholz. “One reason behind the arrangement is that it allows the Mexican federation to host international exhibition games at US stadiums,which generates more revenue than similar games held in Mexico.”

Other links can be seen to reflect the deep social and economic ties between the US and Mexico,that go above and beyond the strong rivalry between the two country’s national soccer teams,which are typically the best in their region.

“Mexican-American prospects are sought after by both national teams,and top American and Mexican players populate both country’s professional leagues,Liga MX and Major League Soccer.”

Although it is still a bit early to determine exactly what will happen during the bid for the 2026 World Cup,this summer should at least give fans a hint at what’s to come. The US is scheduled to host a special centennial edition of the Copa America,which is a tournament that includes the very best South American soccer teams. 

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