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A Journey Into Paradise

USA Today Visits The Newly Renovated Seaside Malecón in Puerto Vallarta

21 February, 2016

The seafront walkway known as the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with everything this growing resort community stands for. With wide sidewalks,outdoor cafes,gift shops and art,the Malecón is Mexico at its finest,stretching from the edge of Puerto Vallarta’s historic district,it begins just a few miles south of the large modern resorts,reported USA Today.

“Many of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular restaurants are here – or just a few streets away.”

Think of it as a sort of oversized boardwalk that is brimming with activities and bordered by the Pacific Ocean. To accommodate a growing city of about 300,000 full-time residents,the Malecón recently underwent extensive renovations to make it even more pedestrian friendly. The historic district of Puerto Vallarta provides a charming backdrop to the nonstop activity of the esplanade,with cobblestone streets stretching up into the surrounding hillsides amid a colorful mosaic of homes.

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“The Malecón is considered classic Mexico,” wrote USA Today. “[It is] filled with tourists,especially from the U.S. and Canada,as well as a large community of expats who appear to be very happy permanent residents here.” 

The entire promenade is lined with stunning sculptures and many artists are on hand offering original pieces for sale. Puerto Vallarta shares the same latitude as Hawaii,so the weather here is warm all year and hovers in the 80s from December through April. Lodging here is available to suit virtually any budget,and the current exchange rate of about 17 pesos for every American dollar makes it even more affordable than it was just a few years ago. According to USA Today,a couple can easily dine in Puerto Vallarta – and eat well – for between $20 and $30 per meal. Just remember that the bill will likely be written up in pesos expressed as dollars,so don’t be surprised to see $450 on the tab!

“There are dozens of beachfront restaurants of all stripes,usually offering $1 margaritas and/or guacamole,delectable buttered shrimp and the latest ocean catch,” wrote USA Today.

Tip: Check out Los Abuelos,a beachside hut with amazing fajitas and tasty tequila!

USA Today also recommends Casa Tradicional,a delicious Mexican restaurant located just a block from the iconic Church of Our Lady Guadalupe,which dominates the Puerto Vallarta city skyline. As for where to stay,travel editors opted for the boutique Casa Amorita bed and breakfast located in the heart of town,which offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the city from the common area,pool deck and select guest rooms.

“Our best memories are of the moments that didn’t have a price tag,” wrote USA Today travel editors. “Strolling in the morning,the late afternoon or at sunset on the Malecón watching the waves,the people and the life unfolding around us.” 

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