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A Journey Into Paradise

New Xenses Eco-Park Set To Open This Summer in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

25 January, 2016

A new eco-park will open for visitors in Mexico’s Riviera Maya by June 1, 2016, according to the Riviera Maya News. The new, roughly 100-acre, $20 million U.S.D. Xenses Park will be managed by Xcaret Experiences, which also operates Xel-Ha, Xplore, Xoximilco and Xenotes.

“Miguel Quintana Pali,founder of Xcaret,explained that the areas of the new park will be similar to those of the already-existing Xcaret and Xplor parks in that it is nature-focused,” wrote the Riviera Maya News. “Xenses will focus on the feelings and experiences with nature by using various elements such as water and vegetation, honing in on the senses of sight, touch and taste.”

Offerings will reportedly include a circuit rope course, zip lines, beautifully landscaped ponds and pools, water slides, animal exhibits, 3-D movies and sensory stimulation tours. Xenses will reportedly offer full and half-day experiences for visitors and will be set in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya,which lies just south of Cancun along the Caribbean Sea.

According to the original description released by Xcaret Experiences, the new Xenses eco-tourism park will feature a large recreation center that provides visitors easy access to a variety of different activities and thematic atmospheres. The idea, very similar to the other Xcaret-operated parks, is to provide an unforgettable experience for the entire family that transcends various age groups.

The Xcaret Experiences group of theme parks are all similar in one important way that also makes them very different from traditional amusement parks. Instead of manmade rides and games, eco-parks like Xenses are sharply focused on providing attractions based on natural phenomena, reported the Wisconsin Leader-Telegram.

“Xcaret is built around cenotes and underground rivers left over from when the entire area was under water,” writes the Leader-Telegram. “Some of its structures are authentic archaeological ruins, while others have been constructed to show what life was like for the early Mayans who lived there.”

By contrast,the group’s Xplor park allows visitors to see the Riviera Maya from below ground, while Xenotes is home to four different types of cenotes, which are freshwater caverns ideal for swimming and diving. At neighboring Xel-Ha, visitors can ride on a flying bicycle through the treetops before taking a cool dip into a cenote, or take an inner tube down the lazy river, that carries fresh water out to the Caribbean Sea.

2016 marks Xcaret’s 25th anniversary, and the park will hold events throughout the year to celebrate. New shows and parades will be introduced to celebrate Mexico’s colorful heritage, and a new aviary was created to house more than 1,500 birds of more than 50 different species from Mexico’s natural habitats.

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