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A Journey Into Paradise

Justin Bieber Asked To Leave Tulum Archaeological Site

08 January, 2016

The Telegraph reports that Canada’s main pop sensation Justin Bieber was “expelled” from the famed archaeological site in Tulum,Mexico,after he tried to “clamber up” some of its obviously off-limits ruins. While in Mexico,Bieber rented a house in Puerto Aventuras.

“Bieber,21,was on holiday in the Yucatan Peninsula,which overlooks the Caribbean,where he visited the ancient Mayan city of Tulum on Thursday afternoon,” the Telegraph reported Friday. “When the singer attempted to climb up one of the cordoned-off buildings,security guards asked him to get down,but Bieber disobeyed and tried again,causing an argument to break out between members of his entourage and security guards.”

The skirmish was enough to prompt members of the staff at the ruins of Tulum to call local police,but by the time they arrived “tempers had cooled” enough that the guards avoided filing an official report. Still,the singer – who recently released his fourth studio album,“Purpose” – was reportedly escorted from the site due to his actions.

As one of the most-visited tourist sites in Mexico,Tulum is home to one of the most-popular ancient Mayan sites and the only known pyramid overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The ruins of Tulum provide a fantastic glimpse into ancient Mayan architecture and are nicely preserved,in part because visitors are not permitted to climb them. According to the Telegraph,the ancient city of Tulum was at its peak between the 13th century and the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century – a time when most Mayan cities were already experiencing a decline.

In recent days,Bieber has visited a number of other popular tourist sites on the Yucatan Peninsula,including a nearby adventure park,where he snorkeled in a cenote,which is a type of large freshwater sinkhole common along the Riviera Maya. Bieber also posted a shot on Instagram of himself climbing a palm tree and took part in a shamanic ritual.

“On Tuesday he visited an adventure park,where officials refused his request that other tourists be removed from the site so he would not be bothered by fans,” revealed the Telegraph.

Bieber is currently one of the biggest music stars on the planet,having sold an estimated 45 million-plus combined albums and singles in the U.S. and commanding 73 million-plus Twitter followers. Recently,he’s been involved in a number of headline-grabbing actions,which include being arrested in Miami and driving under the influence.

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