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A Journey Into Paradise

New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja) Celebrations In Mexico

28 December, 2015

Los Celebracions de Nochevieja,which translates to mean “New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Mexico,” are a time for people throughout the country to reflect on the past year and also to dream about what the future will hold. Throughout Mexico,the coming of a new year is seen to bring great promise and hopes of prosperity.

After the languid,often sleepy time spent visiting with friends and family on Christmas Day in Mexico,most people – especially the country’s enormous younger population – is ready to enjoy a night of parties and festivities,often held right in the street and in town squares nationwide.

“If you’re planning to ring in the New Year in Mexico,there are many options for things to do,” writes Mexico Travel Expert Suzanne Barbezat for About Travel. “In tourist areas,many hotels and resorts offer special festivities. In other towns that are less touristy,you will also find restaurants offering special New Year’s Eve suppers.”

It is also customary for many Mexican families to celebrate Nochevieja by enjoying a late night dinner before heading out to join the fun and party. In Mexico City,for example,there is always an enormous street festival on New Year’s Eve centered around the Zocalo,or main plaza of town.

If you decide to attend one of these outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations in Mexico,expect to see a lot of fireworks,people embracing,firecrackers and sparklers – especially right at midnight – very similar to what you would experience in many U.S. cities.

Some unique Nochevieja customs in Mexico include eating exactly 12 grapes right when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st,making a wish for the coming year as each grape is consumed.

Inside Tip From Investment Properties Mexico: If you want to perform the grape ritual,it might be a good idea to write down your wishes ahead of time – especially if drinking is involved leading up to midnight!

Also,wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve is considered to bring overall good luck for the coming year,but if money is your main focus,wear yellow undergarments instead. If travel is on your wish list for 2016,grab a suitcase and take it for a stroll around the block as the clock strikes twelve.

Bacalo,dried salted codfish,is a New Year’s staple in Mexico,” writes Barbezat for About Travel. “Toasts are made with sparkling cider,and a hot fruit punch known as ponche is also super popular.”

Many businesses are either closed entirely,or adopt shorter hours on New Year’s Eve in Mexico,so be sure to call ahead,especially if travel is in your plans on this day. Travelers should also keep in mind that January 1 is a national holiday in Mexico,so banks,government offices and many private businesses will be closed. As in the United States and many other parts of the world,New Year’s Eve in Mexico is typically very lively,followed by a day of rest and recuperation. 

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