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A Journey Into Paradise

Richard Houghton Explains Why Retiring in Mexico Feel Like a Holiday

23 December, 2015

Imagine sitting in a rustic beach bar that serves up the best margaritas you’ve ever had,with a balmy,breezy 85-degree daily temperature and shore birds diving intermittently into the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea to snatch a tiny fish from its depths. Nearby,two men are lounging in hammocks and playing their guitars,singing in beautiful Spanish harmony.

“In the Riviera Maya,this really can be your life,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “Sometimes when we walk along the shoreline,the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean are so stunning that it’s hard to believe the scene is real.”

If you speak to some of the retirees and expats living in the low-key communities that dot the shoreline,such as Puerto Aventuras,Playa del Carmen,Cancun,Tulum and Puerto Morelos,you will discover that some of them fell in love with this corner of Mexico decades ago,when Cancun was but a glimmer of its current size and the other towns south throughout the region weren’t even on the radar yet. But even more likely,you’ll discover that many of them weren’t even considering a move to the Caribbean just a few years earlier,but after comparing popular offshore communities in Mexico with places like Ecuador,it became obvious that Mexico’s Riviera Maya offered everything they could want and more.

“In most of the towns there are dozens of restaurants within easy walking distance of the residential areas,” stated Houghton. “And thanks to the new highway,traveling up and down the coast to explore the many hidden enclaves is easier than ever.” 

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Of course,the powdery white sand beaches and jewel-hued turquoise Caribbean Sea are the Riviera Maya’s main attractions,but the area also offers easy access to every modern convenience you could imagine,including English-language theaters,large shopping malls and outlet stores,countless fabulous restaurants,world-class entertainment,affordable luxury and state of the art hospitals. In addition,Cancun is home to a large international airport,which makes traveling back and forth a snap. To put its location in perspective,it’s only a two-hour flight from Cancun to the Miami airport.

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