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A Journey Into Paradise

Why Tulum is America’s Favorite Vacation Destination

21 December, 2015

There’s little doubt that the tiny Caribbean town of Tulum in Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya is one of the top vacation destinations in the world, but it’s also a favorite among Americans, due to its close proximity, fabulous culture, excellent year-round climate and sheer natural beauty.

“Tulum racked up more than 20 million visits in 2014 and that number is expected to increase for 2015,” reported TravelPulse. “Market Research predicts 4.6 percent growth from tourism arrivals and Bloomberg.com claims that tourism will jump to one of Mexico’s top cash sources by 2018.”

As one of TripAdvisor’s top destinations predicted for 2016, Tulum experienced a surge among Internet searches by more than 70 percent compared to 2014, Travel Weekly reported. In addition, Tulum shows all the signs of longevity already displayed by Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, both of which lie just north of Tulum.

Why is Tulum one of the world’s top vacation destinations and one of Mexico’s Fastest-Growing Locales?

“One of the drivers of tourism traffic [in Tulum] is its easy-to-reach location,” writes TravelPulse. “Tulum is a 90-minute drive away from the Cancun International Airport.”

In addition, Tulum is home to the only ancient Mayan pyramid overlooking the sea,along with some of the world’s most famous (not to mention beautiful) ruins. Conservatively, the area has attracted upwards of 1 million international visitors each year, a number that continues to grow as tourism continues to explode throughout the region. 

In addition to the ruins, popular destinations in the region include the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a protected UNESCO World Heritage site which spans millions of acres and is home to a staggering array of colorful wildlife in the jungle, wetlands and coastal areas of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Of course, watersports are abundant throughout the entire region,offering snorkeling, skiing, diving, deep-sea fishing and countless boating excursions.

“Tulum is home to the world’s second-largest coral reef and a colorful variety of sea life occupies the waters of the area, bringing divers and snorkelers eager to swim and explore its depths,” writes TravelPulse. “In addition, it is surrounded by a unique 65-million-year-old underground cave system that is enjoyed by cave divers – and visitors – from around the world.”


Of course,one of the things that originally put Tulum on the map was its reputation as an eco-friendly backpacker’s haven – an identity that has managed to maintain a firm grip on the overall ambiance of the region. Many of the millions of annual visitors to Tulum and Mexico’s Riviera Maya come in search of experiencing a healthier lifestyle,TravelPulse reported.

In addition to at least 36 designated and well-maintained cycling routes in and around Tulum,there are countless world-class golf courses in the Riviera Maya, as well as internationally-renowned spas, yoga retreats and countless fantastic restaurants that offer a variety of fresh and healthy options.

“New York’s Eric Werner’s Hartwood Tulum restaurant draws lines of eager diners each night with organic cuisine sourced from fresh, local ingredients,” writes TravelPulse.

The world’s fashion elite have also descended upon Tulum in recent years,bringing about the advent of the annual Tulum Fashion Show, which always draws a flashy set of A-list celebs and stunning models to the epic white-sand beaches of Tulum. Many fashion-industry insiders – including designers and buyers, as well as the models, also come back to Tulum during the holidays, along with celebs who come to spend some time relaxing in the warm Caribbean sun.

“Being eco-friendly gives the area a sense of uniqueness and because of this, sustainable practices are a continued focus.”

Although amazing luxury is easy to find in Tulum,there are also plenty of boutique beachfront hotels that rely upon increasingly sophisticated solar energy and rainwater systems, some of which were reportedly established in Tulum by the ancient Mayans centuries ago. Regardless of when or how it came about, Tulum seems to attract those who have a certain awareness of and deep care for environmental responsibility, which “still remains deeply ingrained in the local consciousness,” according to TravelPulse. For example, many of Tulum’s hotels use biodegradable products and actively seek out both local and organic products whenever possible.

The Property Market

When it comes to real estate and construction in Tulum and Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the area’s architects also tend to use local materials and sustainable items during the building process. Regardless of why, Tulum is definitely poised to continue attracting increasing numbers of visitors – who stay both short and long term (and both).

“One of the other factors driving visitation to the area is the housing market,” writes TravelPulse. “Many U.S. property buyers are looking for second homes. Real estate in the Riviera Maya, which offers a gorgeous coastline and all of the aforementioned lifestyle amenities, is an attractive draw for those who are looking for more permanent digs in a high-end luxury destination that also offers affordability.”

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