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A Journey Into Paradise

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans Comes To Cozumel Island,Mexico

09 December, 2015

In late July the non-profit organization PangeaSeed made history when it launched the largest street art activation of its kind in the state of Quintana Roo,Mexico,on the island of Cozumel,which lies just offshore from Playa del Carmen and just south of Cancun in the Caribbean Sea.

The Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project currently taking place on Cozumel island marks the second summer edition of the project,which has called on street artists from across the globe over the last three years to take up their brushes and spray cans to unite for the common mission of saving the world’s oceans,according to Deep Sea News.

“PangeaSeed is an international organization who collaborates with members of the art,science and environmental activist communities. They are dedicated to raising public awareness and education surrounding the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species in peril.”

Most recently,more than 40 PangeaSeed team members,including artists from 16 different countries,like the United States,South Africa,New Zealand,Canada,Argentina,Taiwan,Australia,Brazil and Hong Kong,converged on Cozumel island,Mexico. The internationally renowned and local volunteers came to Cozumel and quickly tripled this summer’s mural count,effectively creating an entire island that is brimming with stunning ocean artwork. In 2014,the group visited nearby Isla Mujeres and created more than 15 murals,which have since helped to inspire the community and draw thousands of tourists.

Each of the Sea Walls murals showcase the unique style and talent of the individual artists and are on display in town,making it easy to walk around and take them all in. So far,there are 33 large-scale murals on display on the island of Cozumel,in both public and private areas. The project was accomplished in close partnership with the local municipal government and businesses within the private sector. It is expected to boost tourism in the region while raising public awareness around the world about caring for our oceans.

“We aim to engage with the local community to foster a sense of pride and ownership for the murals,and above all,for the health of their local marine ecosystems,” writes PangeaSeed on its website. “The children of today will be inheriting the oceans we leave behind. Inspiring and encouraging the next generation to become stewards for the sea represents a critical stage in the awareness raising process.”

In addition to the projects in Isla Mujeres and Cozumel,Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans team members have works displayed in Tulum,Mexico; Miami,Florida; Colombo,Sri Lanka; Culver City and San Diego,California; Minh,Vietnam; and Honolulu,Hawaii.