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A Journey Into Paradise

Whale Watching Season In Cabo San Lucas Offers Ideal Winter Family

22 November, 2015

Vacationers – especially families with children – have the opportunity to experience the winter vacation of a lifetime each year in Cabo San Lucas when the annual whale migration returns to the warm waters of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Situated at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur peninsula,Cabo is known for its beaches,water-based activities and nightlife,in addition to whale watching. 

“From late October through early April,travelers to Cabo San Lucas can catch the annual migration of whales as they pass through the tropics during the winter months,” writes the Cabo-based GlobeQuest Travel Club. “Spotting a whale with family members is an unforgettable and amazing shared experience that families can treasure for years to come.”

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Cabo San Lucas is widely known for its amazing restaurants,stunning beaches and exciting nightlife,but its whale watching opportunities during the winter season is truly second to none. Many of the area’s five-star resorts also offer special whale watching tours and family packages,such as the Casa Dorada Resort on Medano Beach,which is one of Cabo’s most scenic stretches of coastline. From here,guests and visitors can sometimes take in glimpses of the whales from the shore,or they can take a local charter and arrange a trip to go out in the water and enjoy an even closer experience.

“Cabo San Lucas sees a wide variety of whales each year,” writes GlobeQuest. “There are the popular Humpback Whales and Gray Whales,as well as the massive Blue Whales and Sperm Whales.”

Every day brings new discovery when families set out to enjoy new interactions with these magnificent creatures. In addition,visitors often get to see other local wildlife,such as seals and sea lions,tropical birds and other marine animals,while out on the whale watching tours.

“Travelers will forever hold sighting a whale for the first time as one of the most memorable experiences of their lives,” writes GlobeQuest. “Now is the time to plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas and admire the greatest creatures of the seas.”

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