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A Journey Into Paradise

Two Of The Top 10 Exotic Beach Destinations Belong To Mexico

05 November, 2015

When we are looking at Facebook,or pictures from friends and family who travel regularly,we see them at the beach or living on some fabled-looking coast that has us envious,wanting to be that person or couple. It’s not that we don’t want to visit or live on these beautiful beaches,but instead we aren’t sure exactly where to go. Well,with the right information,you can make an informed decision.

Coastal Living recently released the Top 10 Exotic Beach Destinations,and let’s just say the list was very informative.

Check Out This Video Of The Top 10 Exotic Beach Destinations

If you had been looking at Mexico as a place with beach destinations,then you were on the right track. On their list,Coastal Living names two Mexico beach destinations in their top ten - Costa Alegre and Playa del Carmen.

Costa Alegre translates to "Cheerful Coast" and is located just below Puerto Vallarta and just above Cihuatlan,along the Pacific Coast. Costa Alegre has great restaurants and a gorgeous beach view. Plenty of places to visit that will help make your friends want to join in the next time. 

Playa del Carmen is on the coast of the Caribbean Sea,right outside of Cancun,and has many must-see beaches. Enjoy great local cuisine when you stay there,and it’s not too far away from amazing historic archaeological sites that would be the only reason to take you away from the beaches.

Speaking of Cancun,Travel Channel recently named the party capital as one of the Top 10 Vacation Spots in 2015,because of its exquisite beaches and party life after dark.

Three great exotic beach destinations,all in one country! Makes you want to come here,right?

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