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A Journey Into Paradise

Travel From Playa del Carmen To Tulum Easier Than Ever

25 August, 2015

Thecolectivos are large vans that run between the coastal villages of Playa del Carmen and Tulum on Mexico’s Riviera Maya,providing affordable transportation for visitors and locals alike to travel back and forth. Now,a new route will provide even more options for travelers making the hour drive into Tulum,or back into Playa del Carmen as the case may be,the Riviera Maya News reports.

“The new route will include a stop along the corner of 115 Avenue and Constituyentes to accommodate those living in the west of the city. The new route will bypass the center of the city.” 

According to taxi union leader Jesús Pastor Martín Medina,the cost will remain the same,but there will be a preferential cost to local people and workers with credentials. Each colectivo will take up to 15 people at a time,which will help relieve any congestion that occurs at the other location where travelers pick up colectivos in the city center.

As shared transportation,colectivos take off for their destinations and will sometimes stop to pick up or drop off passengers on route to main destinations. The colectivos are generally faster and less expensive than the local ADO buses,but the tradeoff comes with their smaller size and (sometimes) warmer temps.

In Playa del Carmen,Calle 2 between 15th and 20th Avenues is the main place to pick up colectivo vans headed to Tulum. The vans leave when full,but the wait is generally not longer than 5-10 minutes. These colectivos will make as many stops as there are people with destinations along the way,which is typically just a few between where you get on and when you arrive in Tulum. Hint: You pay when you get off on these colectivos. 

Getting back to Playa del Carmen from Tulum on the colectivos is easy – just catch a van in the middle of Tulum along the 307 main road,or jump on right at the Tulum ruins – whichever location is closest. Or,if you find yourself somewhere along the main road between Tulum and Playa,just wave your arm in the air when you see the van coming and they will pick you up if there’s room on board. Hint: Around rush hour when everyone is getting off work,the colectivos are generally more crowded (and plentiful) than other times of day. 

If you have a larger group – say,five or more – it might be better to rent private cars or vans for the day,since the group could become quite fragmented among several different colectivos.