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A Journey Into Paradise

Puerto Aventuras: The Secret of The Riviera Maya!

23 August, 2015

As a realtor,it amazes me how so many people have heard of Cancun and Playa del Carmen,but not my little hometown of eleven years,Puerto Aventuras.  For most,Puerto remains an unheard of secret.

Right on the Caribbean,Puerto has everything I need,including enough evening/nightlife. It's for many good reasons that more than half of Investment Properties Mexico's staff set up home in Puerto Aventuras. And why now,do so many foreigners,own second or retirement homes in this little piece of paradise?

  • #1,it can be a sound investment with a rapid return. Investment Properties Mexico always tries to help its clients get an edge,for example,many homeowners only use their property for a few weeks a year.  We find properties with rental potential; your home can pay for itself.
  • The weather? Overall,can there be a better climate?  It would be hard to find.
  • A gated community,Puerto Aventuras has limited boundaries; that means there’s a premium on the number of construction lots available.  According to respected forecasters,that should mean one of two things,price stability or,better,real estate price increases in Puerto Aventuras.  In 2014,Mexico’s forecasted growth is expected to be double (4%) that of the United States at 2% and the highest in Latin America.
  • Puerto Aventuras is a transient community. It’s residents come and go throughout the year. A result of this being that it’s never crowded.  I’ve always liked that fact. Plus it has a great private beach club at the Omni Hotel. All residents of this gated community can join.
  • Because it’s so centrally situated on the Riviera Maya,Puerto Aventuras offers easy access to all of the world-class beaches that nestle on the Caribbean Sea.
  • Golf lovers – construction of the second nine holes of Puerto’s golf course is underway.

Puerto Aventuras has it all. I won't be living anywhere else any time soon. Come visit.  I’ll show you why. Paradise awaits you!

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