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A Journey Into Paradise

Richard Houghton Explains Why Many Expats Decide To Retire In Mexico

13 August, 2015

Expats are coming to Mexico in record numbers to enjoy a better retirement than they could in their home countries,but many people are still unaware of the many reasons living here is so remarkable,according to Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico.

“Mexico checks all the boxes: High quality (affordable) medical care and real estate,fantastic warm weather year round,the people are multi-lingual (many speak at least some English) and are friendly to those who speak other languages,the popular expat areas are safer than many U.S. cities and it’s easy to commute back and forth to your home country.”

And then there are things like paying taxes,ease of communication with loved ones back home,the exchange rate and mail forwarding to consider. Fortunately,all of these things are easy to do while living in Mexico,whether you choose to stay all year long,or opt to come only during the colder winter months – the choice is yours - and with a little bit of guidance,learning the process is a breeze.

“Many Americans are happily spending their retirement years in Mexico,” wrote U.S. News & World Report. “The U.S. dollar is 28 percent stronger versus the Mexican peso than five years ago.”

The article went on to declare Mexico a “well-established snowbird option,” which is something many savvy retirees have known for years. In addition,the news organization wrote in detail about why Mexico is the best place to retire overseas,citing the wide variety of outdoor activities,walkable seaside towns on both coasts with affordable real estate and thriving expat communities that know how to engage in the local culture without dominating it.

“Visa and residency requirements,along with the legal regulations that are tied to real estate transactions in many areas can make moving to Mexico seem complicated at first,” Houghton shared. “Which is why it’s so important to work with an experienced,multilingual team who can guide you through every step of the process.”

One of the great things about retiring in a popular expat community in Mexico – such as Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Tulum,Puerto Aventuras,Merida,Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas – is that you won’t be treading on completely unfamiliar territory. For example,the Riviera Maya – from Cancun to Tulum – is home to many recognizable brands (think: Starbucks,Costco,Liverpool,P.F. Chang’s… you get the idea),as well as English-language movie theaters and all of the amenities and infrastructure you are accustomed to having at home. 

In addition,traveling back and forth from Mexico to your home country has never been easier,thanks to the expansion of its major international airports and the large number of flights that are available every day.

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