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A Journey Into Paradise

Playa del Carmen: A City of Artists On Mexico’s Riviera Maya

10 August, 2015

Although the area’s Director of Culture,Luis Ernesto Lopez Vargas,estimated that the cultural circuit of Playa del Carmen is growing quickly and could attain global recognition as a city of artists by the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Until now,a number of constraints have prevented the census to be performed here,but according to Vargas,the government of Quintana Roo now expects the census to be complete before the end of this year.

"We have attempted this census; it has been difficult because we have to devote much time and people to it,but we have to finish the administration with this census because it is important to be considered and because we believe that this town has many artists in relation to its people," he said.

Vargas added that once it is carried out Playa del Carmen could compete with other cities that UNESCO has already recognized as major cultural centers and cities of artists. In addition,the recognition would help to position Playa del Carmen in front of an entirely different tourism sector.

"I think the city has very good participation of artists; we have worked to promote the idea and have made it even easier for others to participate,” Vargas shared. “We have also created a circle of artists that is growing and has already made the city a cultural destination. The new city of artists project is continuing in this tradition."

So far,those counted have been recognizable cultural figures who are heavily engaged in artistic activities throughout Playa del Carmen,but the new census also aims to include part-time artists who make a living doing other activities.

"We found people who are engaged in other things but are painters,” Vargas shared. “The same journalists are musicians,or they also engage in photography or painting. Although these artists are engaged in other things and there are so many people in Playa del Carmen,the intention is that every artist will be included in the census.”

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