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A Journey Into Paradise

Cruising the Sea of Cortés Near Cabo San Lucas,Mexico

03 August, 2015

New exclusive cruises offer passengers the chance to explore incredible scenery along Mexico’s Pacific Coast and the Gulf of California,including the Sea of Cortés,Cabo San Lucas and inland gems like Copper Canyon. From mighty blue whales and breathtaking rocky cliffs along the pristine shoreline,to an unforgettable all-day journey to the jaw-dropping mountains and gorges of Copper Canyon and inland Mexico,this is truly unlike any cruise passengers have experienced elsewhere in the world.

“There were dolphins by the score,sea lions and I was able to tick off blue-footed boobies in my Smutty Guide to Birdwatching,” shared travel writer John Honeywell in a recent article for the UK’s Mirror Online.

Honeywell describes the experience as the “trip of a lifetime,” having set out upon the Azamara Quest,a luxurious boutique-sized vessel,just south of Tijuana and making the 200-mile journey south to the A-list hotspot of Cabo San Lucas,which lies where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortés. Both the Azamara Quest and her sister ship the Azamara Journey carry only 670 passengers each and were originally built in 2007 for the now-defunct Renaissance Cruises.

“Small they may be,but they have big aspirations,” writes Honeywell. “Service is exceptional and both ships will get a multi-million dollar makeover next year.”

The vessels each feature an open-seating dining room that is supplemented by a buffet restaurant that offers plenty of tasty choices,as well as a fabulous steakhouse and amazing Italian restaurant,which are available for an additional fee. There are also libraries onboard decorated with beautiful trompe l’oeil ceilings and the price includes wine and beer with lunch and dinner,as well as house spirits and cocktails,while bottled water,coffee and tea are always free and available in ample supply. 

“Today’s Hollywood stars who come to Mexico for some away-from-it-all R&R now head to Cabo San Lucas,” Honeywell reveals. “It was on an excursion from here that we finally saw the humpback whales we had been looking for.”

Both ships are pioneering a new type of “destination immersion” cruising,according to veteran boss Larry Pimentel,which equates to longer stays in port and a spectacular ‘Amazing Evening’ on every voyage. For the passengers aboard the Azamara Quest with Honeywell,this was “a blend of myth,mystery,ballet and fire-eating under the stars.” Cruises into the Sea of Cortés aboard mainstream ships are actually quite rare and typically book up well in advance. 

The Azamara Quest will return to the Sea of Cortés in February of 2017 for a 12-night voyage departing from San Diego,California,that will include stops planned in Mazatlan,La Paz,Topolobampo,Guaymas,an overnight in Loreto and final destination in Cabo San Lucas. For more information,visit www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk.