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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Is The Best Place To Retire Overseas

02 August, 2015

The list of reasons why Mexico is the best place in the world to retire abroad (or live at any age,for that matter) is long – from the endless miles of pristine beaches on both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts,to the warm tropical climate,rich cultural heritage,modern infrastructure and luxurious amenities – this emerging Latin American superpower is well-developed,safe and has more to offer than any comparable locale worldwide.

For example,Mexico’s English-speaking expat community – along with the ever-growing number of transplants from Europe – has already become quite well established in all of the popular retirement destinations,such as the Riviera Maya (home to Playa del Carmen,Cozumel,Tulum,Puerto Aventuras and Cancun),as well as Puerto Vallarta,Cabo San Lucas and Merida,which are all in coastal areas,along with places like San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala,which are inland.

“Most expats are from the U.S. and Canada,” writes U.S. News & World Report. “The community here has many artists,writers and musicians. Active residents also spend time bird watching,hiking and bass fishing.”

Which brings us to one of the things that attracts so many expats to Mexico in the first place: There are a wide variety of outdoor activities at your fingertips and most towns are very walkable. In fact,many people who live in towns like Playa del Carmen,Cabo or Tulum will find that there are plenty of things to do within easy walking distance of home. This includes countless cafes,restaurants,boutiques,galleries,markets and shops,as well as the beach,ocean and everything that comes with it. And if you’re anywhere from Merida to Cancun and south down through the Riviera Maya to Tulum,there are also more than a handful of ancient Mayan sites within easy reach.

“Expats engage in the community,but they don’t dominate the culture,” writes U.S. News & World Report. 

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Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta

The Washington Post has also recognized Mexico’s expat appeal,revealing that Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast is still ranked as one of the world’s top places to retire overseas. The article cites the city’s well-established English-speaking population,safety,amenities and climate as some of the top reasons why so many retirees thrive here.

“The area is well-developed,giving retirees options for golfing,fishing and fine dining,” writes the Washington Post. “Puerto Vallarta is also a safe part of the country with a strong presence of bilingual police officers.”

Finally,Puerto Vallarta offers plenty of fantastic properties,a warm tropical climate all year,reliable transportation and affordable real estate,compared to other coastal cities worldwide of similar size and amenities. The city also has three state-of-the-art hospitals,with plenty of English-speaking doctors.

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