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A Journey Into Paradise

Isla Holbox Rocks!

02 August, 2015

Isla Holbox is located on the northern side of the Yucatan peninsula between Cancun and Merida. It is just a mere tiny sliver of an island, and the entire thing is situated within a biosphere, which is land that is protected by the Mexican Government. Still, there are residents who live here full time, and the township is located on the far end of the island closer to Merida, with roughly 2,500 full-time residents. 

There is also a booming and very loyal tourist trade that has been growing in recent years and is moving towards the luxury sector with some alacrity.  Visitors to Isla Holbox can enjoy fly-fishing, swimming with whale sharks, scuba diving, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of wildlife excursions. 

The streets are unpaved and there are very few cars, so most people get around the island in motorized golf carts or by foot.  Each year, there is also a popular mural artist festival, and the entire town resembles a public art gallery. But no matter what time of year it is, and despite the small size of the island, there is always something new to experience. In addition, the township proper boasts a quaint variety of different restaurants, art galleries, bars and recently I even saw a nail salon. Last year, land appreciation was at 20%.

Buying property on Isla Holbox is not for the novice investor. Title insurance is recommended, as the island is former ejido, so it is therefore illegal for foreigners to directly own ejidal land. As such, it is paramount that you have professional real estate agents and competent legal help throughout the buying process to ensure that your purchase is titled without encumbrances. As a booming resort community, there are more than a few unlicensed real estate agents who will say or do anything just to get your money. 

I always look for any excuse to visit Holbox, and selling gorgeous oceanfront property is one of the best. Inventory often moves quicker here than our website can process and is extremely limited. So if you are interested in purchasing on Isla Holbox, it is simply a matter of what is available at the time you plan to visit.  

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