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A Journey Into Paradise

Resident Arielle Thomas Newman Talks About Living In Mexico

19 July, 2015

After making a name for herself as a choreographer,dance critic and yoga instructor in Kansas City,Missouri,Arielle Thomas Newman decided to move to Playa del Carmen with her husband in 2001,where she opened Yoga By the Sea,a studio where she still offers a variety of different yoga classes,as well as teacher certification. 

“I had a friend who was a travel agent and she had a connection in Akumal,a little beach town south of Playa del Carmen,” Thomas shared in a recent interview with the Kansas City Star. “At one point,I realized that I had made three separate one-week trips in one year.”

Shortly thereafter,Newman’s husband had the opportunity to sell part of his family’s business and do something else,so she suggested checking out Mexico and the rest is history. “It was crazy,” she shared. They originally had only one weekend to find a place,which was then whittled down to one morning when their real estate agent informed them his office closed at noon on Saturdays. They wound up with a one-bedroom walkup with a tiny view of the azure Caribbean Sea from the rooftop over the trees.

“Our criteria was,you had to be able to see the ocean,” Newman revealed. “But for the past ten years we’ve rented an apartment that is just a block and a half from the Caribbean Sea.”

Newman’s yoga studio is on the roof of a local boutique hotel that is just three blocks from the Caribbean,so clients get a great view of the ocean,swaying palm trees and all of downtown Playa. She teaches in both Spanish and English,with clients ranging from locals to ex-pats and snowbirds,as well as a variety of tourists who find her through the hotel or Internet. 

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When asked to discuss the main differences between living in the United States and Mexico,Newman said,“time moves more slowly,” in Mexico. For example,she still pays her bills in cash,making separate trips to the electric company,the phone company,the bank,etc.

“There are quaint and lovely aspects to that,” she states. “I learned that ahorita,which the dictionary says means ‘right now,’ really means ‘maybe tomorrow or maybe next week when I want to do it.’” 

Calling herself a “reluctant adventurer,” Newman says she was a bit afraid initially,just at the thought of making such a radical change in life,but decided to make the move anyway – which is,by the way,a choice she is very grateful for today. 

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