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Some Answers About Healthcare in Mexico

10 June, 2015

The longer that I live in Mexico, the more impressed I am with the quality and affordability of healthcare here. Now, if you are one of my clients you know that recently I returned to my home state of New Jersey to have a total hip replacement procedure. I am happy to report that everything went perfectly and that after returning home to Puerto Aventuras and rehabbing, my hip is better than ever. 

So, you may ask, if healthcare is so great and inexpensive in Mexico, why did you go back to the States to have your surgery? The answer is simple. As a retired police officer who gave 30 years of my life in service of the citizens of New Jersey, I am fortunate enough to have an insurance plan that provides me with full medical coverage. So, for me to return to the U.S. and have my replacement done cost me less than $1000.00 including round trip airfare. No brainer huh?

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked, when speaking with you folks on the phone is about healthcare quality and costs in Mexico. I can honestly say that were I not in the fortunate position that I find myself, I would have had my surgery performed right here.  

Again, the quality and cost of healthcare is very important to many of my clients because they must pay for their own medical treatments or health insurance. It is imperative that they know that should a medical emergency arise, they will be able to afford quality treatment.  

As I tell them, I will now tell you… There are three things to keep in mind when considering healthcare in Mexico:

1-   Most specialists in Mexico receive their training in either the U.S. or Europe.  They are highly skilled and qualified, are up on all of the latest procedures, and the vast majority speak perfect English.

2-  Healthcare costs in Mexico are roughly 70% LESS then what you would pay for the same procedure in the U.S.  

3-  You CAN purchase affordable healthcare insurance in Mexico. For 100% coverage on everything, it will cost approximately $3000 annually for two people, or just $250 per month! 

With healthcare so much in the U.S. news, and the total uncertainty surrounding it, why leave yourself at the mercy of the politicians in Washington.  

Expert healthcare at a fraction of the cost… Yet another reason why Mexico should be on your short list of retirement destinations.

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