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A Journey Into Paradise

Riviera Maya Real Estate: Just another day in paradise

10 June, 2015

In my previous blog “Mexico- Why & Why Not?” I had talked about how our family and friends had all asked us about why we had wanted to move to Riviera Maya real estate. I feel that I have adequately answered that question.

Rosie and I recently had one of our daughters fly in with her boyfriend for an extended visit. We love having family and friends come in because,as the old saying goes,“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Once they have come to our home to visit us,they no longer wonder why we have moved to Mexican Caribbean,but they start wondering when and how they can do it too.

Again,as mentioned in my earlier blog,Rosie and I are beach people. We love the fact that we have so many of the most beautiful beaches in the world to choose from,and they are only a very short distance from our home in Puerto Aventuras.

If you have seen any of the Corona beer commercials on TV or any of their print ads,you have to be struck by the breathtaking beauty of the location. The beautiful white sand beach,the clear blue sky,and the magnificent water that is even bluer than the sky.

You may have thought to yourself... where is that beach? I would love to be where those people are right now,especially between November through March. Well,the fact is that you can be.

The beach at Al Cielo,five minutes drive from our home,is the location that was chosen for those ads. Think about it... with all of the beaches in the world,with the large advertising budgets that major companies have,and the price of running these ads on prime-time TV,not to mention the Super Bowl,only the best will do. Nothing less will be accepted.

The attached picture is my feeble attempt at replicating one of these photos. Now,I know you’re probably saying,“That’s not so good” or “I can do better than that.” My response is that you probably can do better,and no,it’s not some award winning shot,not by any stretch of the imagination.

I mean,you can barely see the Corona bottle,which by the way was one of a few that I’d had while relaxing and enjoying some time with our family. There are two different brand beer bottles in the picture... and on and on. But,look beyond the flaws. See the sand,the water,the sky. And now ask yourself- if I could make that beach look THAT good,after all the beers,with my little digital camera and without any extra equipment,imagine what it must look like in person.

Our day with our kids at this beautiful beach was a memorable one,and I didn’t even get into the incredible lunch that we had.

But you know,for Rosie and I it was just another day in Paradise.

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