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A Journey Into Paradise

Playa Secreto: Just Add Your Own Description (If You Can)

10 June, 2015

"Spectacular!" "Magnificent!" "Breathtaking!"- We've all seen these words used and,most times,overused by ad men or salespersons of any product who are trying to grab our attention.  They are used to describe everything from cars to beer to clothing to shoes. And,more often then not,what they are hawking fails to come even moderately close to these superlative descriptions.

On the rare occasion however,we do find that these descriptive adjectives fit perfectly.  There are just no other words to describe a dazzling orange/red sun slowly rising out of aqua blue water at the start of a new day in Paradise.  

What word can you come up with that would accurately depict a legion of sea turtles,making their way from the water's edge to lay their eggs,as they have done for centuries?

Give me another descriptive for a night time stroll with your loved ones in sugar-fine sand,with the Caribbean Sea on one side,and above you a sky filled with more stars then you could count in a lifetime. 

What choice of superlatives would you choose to explain the colors of the many different varieties of tropical fish swimming on the reef,just a short distance off shore. 

This is Playa Secreto. A small gated community of impressive,private villas and homes,situated 30 minutes south of Cancun,and 15 minutes north of Playa del Carmen.  Yet,it is worlds away from anywhere else in the 80 mile stretch known as the Riviera Maya.  Far enough from the larger cities to make it relaxing,but close enough to make it convenient.  

Located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea,this oasis also has mangroves,jungle and even cenotes.

And if it is wildlife that you seek,these areas are the natural habitat for many avian species,such as wild parrots,hawks,pelicans,kingfishers,and the tropical pewee bird.  You will also find deer,wild boar,crocodile,fox and the occasional jaguar.

I have to admit,I'm pretty proud of myself.  I managed to give you a brief idea of what Playa Secreto is like,without having used one single "fantastic" or "unbelievable".  But,to be honest,it wasn't easy. The only way to experience this charming little beachfront community is to see it for yourself.  You'll be supplying your own superlatives.

You can come and enjoy this paradise. Check out the properties we have! Playa Secreto Villa Hotel and Casa Angelica Condo Villa,you'll love them!

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