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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Named World's Best Destination for Expats

10 May, 2015

Expats relocate for a number of reasons – from retirement to job-related issues to simply wanderlust or love for a certain locale – the list of why people decide to move to another country is long and varied. Regardless of why,however,relocating abroad is a big decision and can feel overwhelming at times.

“It’s important to consider the local climate,culture and cost of living,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “And if you have children,schools are also a concern,along with healthcare and perhaps even job availability.”

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In a recent study by InterNations.org,which is a leading online community for expats worldwide,Mexico was named the number one best destination for expats,with 91 percent of the country’s transplants reporting they are very happy with the decision to make Mexico their new home. The organization reportedly surveyed 14,000 expats from 160 different countries worldwide for the study,asking participants to focus on issues concerning their families,financial status,work life and how easy it was to settle into the local community.

“Mexico ranked first with expats saying they feel right at home,” writes the Riviera Maya News. “Their surveys reported that an outstanding 91 percent of expats [in Mexico] had no problem settling in and found the locals to be friendly.” 

Several cities in Europe also made the list,including Luxembourg City and Zurich,while New York City also made the list of favorites and Ecuador scored high across the board in all categories. The Wall Street Journal also points out that Mexico fared well in all categories concerning family life,including “Availability of Childcare and Education,” as well as “Costs of Childcare and Education,” “Overall Quality of Education,” and “Overall Family Well-Being.” 

“School,unsurprisingly,is a key issue for families,” writes the Wall Street Journal. “35 percent of expat families send their children to international schools,while 30 percent opt for a public-sector school and 19 percent choose local private schools.”

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Finally,BloombergBusiness recently reported that the strong dollar is making retiring abroad a lot more affordable – which is great news for Mexico,since real estate here already comes at such a fantastic bargain.

“Jim Horn,a retired professor who lives in Mexico figures his daily expenses are down 11 percent – and that’s before a recent drop in the Mexican peso,” writes Bloomberg. Horn says he already had a comfortable income from Social Security and a pension priced in dollars.

The bottom line? Now is a great time to think about investing in your own slice of heaven. The real estate sector in Mexico has never looked better and prices are only going up.

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