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A Journey Into Paradise

Meeting Fellow Expats in Mexico Real Estate

06 May, 2015

If you’re considering a permanent or semi-permanent move to Mexico,it can be both fun and beneficial to meet up with other expats who already live in the area. Since they have been in Mexico longer than you,they will be able to help you with day-to-day challenges,such as choosing a new mechanic,electrician or doctor. 

Established expats are also a great source of knowledge about which local markets offer the best value and variety,but when you are new to a city it can feel daunting at first to meet new people. Fortunately,there are a variety of ways to meet locals in Mexico,the first of which you can do even before you make a move. Joining online chat groups,for example,can help you locate information and get acquainted with the area’s main expat organizations. In addition,many popular destinations for expats in Mexico real estate have also launched English-language websites,which offer a wide variety of excellent information about the area. 

Once you’ve actually made the move to Mexico,however,you will find that there is typically a local expat community center where you can meet others like you and get connected with a variety of local resources. In some areas this is the local English-language library,but in other areas the community center is a separate entity complete with acres of land and recreational facilities.

Beach towns like Playa del Carmen are full of expats running local businesses,often related to tourism. They can prove to be an invaluable resource when you move to the area,so reach out to learn which restaurants,clubs and cafes are popular among expats.

Finally,historic and archaeological areas are often popular among expats. For example,if your new home has a historic city center,chances are good that expats will frequent the area’s cafes and other businesses. Of course,familiar names such as Starbucks,Costco,Wal-Mart,Sam’s Club and Home Depot are also great places to meet gringos. The good news? Mexico is known for its friendly people and laid-back attitudes,so just keep an open mind and a positive attitude and you are sure to make friends wherever you go.