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A Journey Into Paradise

Richard Houghton Mexico Talks About Living in Playa del Carmen

03 May, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical destinations? Where sun,white sand beaches,ancient Mayan ruins and the Caribbean Sea are all at your fingertips,in one of the safest,most luxurious – not to mention affordable – beachfront locales in the world? Where modern conveniences and world-class shopping meet a foodie’s paradise and the entertainment,infrastructure and medical care are second to none? If all of this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for in a vacation or retirement property,look no farther than Playa del Carmen,Mexico.

Located about one hour south of Cancun and one hour north of Tulum,in the heart of Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya,Playa del Carmen – or simply Playa,as the locals often call it – is a perfect blend of the big-city atmosphere of Cancun and the more low-key eco-chic vibe of Tulum.

“This unique mix is part of Playa’s appeal for those who are looking for a place that offers plenty of outdoor activities,an air of sophistication and a relaxed beachy atmosphere,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “The long list of modern services,infrastructure and amenities provides every luxury,while the easy access to all that is ancient about Mexico creates a unique contrast and dynamic that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.”

For example,you will find a modern highway between Cancun and Tulum,and along the outskirts of Playa there is a Home Depot,Sam’s Club and large shopping malls that are full of recognizable brands and products from the U.S.,Canada,Europe and beyond. In Playa del Carmen,you will also find a wide variety of specialty shops,gourmet foods,designer boutiques and more. High speed Internet,reliable electricity and high quality roads also make living in Playa del Carmen an easy transition for expats of all ages,while the Cancun International Airport makes it easy for expats to return home for visits,and also for family and friends to come to Playa and experience what life is like in the Mexican Caribbean.

“The heart of Playa del Carmen is the famous Quinta Avenida,or Fifth Avenue,” writes International Living. “it’s a miles-long pedestrian avenue lined with shops,boutiques,bars,cafes and restaurants of every cuisine imaginable,from high-end to budget.”

The energy along Quinta Avenida is nothing short of amazing,and happy hours,group dinners and parties are a big part of the current of life in Playa del Carmen. The wide variety of nationalities represented among the locals here is indicative of Playa’s growing popularity among expats worldwide,with Americans and Canadians making up the largest group,followed by significant numbers of Argentinians,French and Italian immigrants.

Of course,not everyone who lives here stays all year long and many choose to adopt the “snowbird” lifestyle that is so popular among retirees in south Florida. The best thing about spending winters at your home in Playa and summers elsewhere,however,is that it is easy to rent out your home,villa or condo during the months you are away,which can help pay for the property and provide extra income for retirees and expats of all ages.

“In and around Playa,there are a large number of condos and residential developments right on the beach or very close by,with terraces and balconies that offer stunning water views,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “The area is brimming with resorts,spas,entertainment venues,beach clubs and more.” 

Of course,at it’s very soul,Playa del Carmen is a Caribbean beach town at its very best. This growing city is centered around tourism and the area’s unique culture,hosting an ever-growing community of full and part-time expats and retirees from around the world who come to enjoy all that Playa and the surrounding Riviera Maya region have to offer.

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