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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Is One Of the Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2015

02 March, 2015

When International Living released its list of “World’s Best Retirement Destinations for 2015,” Mexico was once again named among the top contenders – a trend that’s been the norm for some time. Regardless of whether you dream of one day living abroad full time,or simply adore the notion of living in a tropical beachfront paradise,Mexico has you covered.

“Mixing the latest data on everything from weather to retiree discounts with reports from its network of far-flung correspondents,International Living ranked 25 countries for its annual Global Retirement Index,” writes Forbes. “Mexico rose from No. 7 in International Living’s rankings last year to No. 3 for 2015.”

Aside from Mexico’s close proximity to the United States and fantastic modern infrastructure,there are a number of reasons for Mexico’s status as one of the world’s best places to be an expat. For one thing,there are established expat havens throughout the country offering affordable real estate in unbelievable locales,including Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Tulum,Puerto Vallarta,San Miguel de Allende,Cabo San Lucas and Merida,to name only a few. This ready access to an established community of fellow expats makes the integration process so much easier in Mexico,and real estate is a comparable bargain.

“Excellent property can still be found for far less than you’d pay in the states,” writes Forbes. “It’s a bargain for retirees.”

Also,when you consider a week’s worth of groceries can run as low as $20 and the fact that English is widely spoken in all of Mexico’s popular destinations,it’s easy to see how this emerging Latin American superstar can quickly start to feel like home – or better! Of course,U.S. food,entertainment,products and sports are also popular throughout Mexico,so you won’t have to give any of that up,either.

“Mexico is easy to settle into for Americans,” expat and former Nebraska resident Dan Prescher told Forbes. “Even if you haven’t been there,you think you know what Mexican food is and mariachi bands. There are more U.S. and Canadian expats in Mexico than in any other country.”

It’s also important to mention that healthcare is excellent in communities where expats gather – in fact,it may be better than what you’ve been used to getting at home. And healthcare in Mexico is also provided at a much lower cost to patients,which translates to more money in the bank for retirees,many of whom are living on a fixed income.

“In Mexico I can get almost anything I could get back home,between the U.S. chain stores and the local shops and markets,plus I can get all the wonderful local specialties,” says International Living Editor Glynna Prentice. “The big difference is the prices. Tickets to a top-notch concert may cost me $8 or even less… And I can walk to the concert hall through a beautiful colonial city. I can buy a week’s worth of groceries for $15 or $20,and I don’t know anyone who pays more than a few hundred dollars a year in property taxes.

Finally,no article about how amazing it is to retire in Mexico would be complete without mentioning the innumerable adventures,cultural attractions and diversity this vast nation has to offer. From the golden beaches of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast to the turquoise waters and soft,white-sand beaches of the Mexican Caribbean and Riviera Maya on its easternmost shores,this country is well equipped to cater to virtually any tastes.

Of course,high speed Internet and modern infrastructure are also the norm throughout most of Mexico,and the cuisine is sublime. Add in regular flights to and from almost every major city in the U.S. and a warm,tropical climate year-round and you’ll start to really get the idea why one of the world’s best expat havens lies just south of the U.S. border!

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